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Five Days At Memorial Trailer is Here with the ‘Political’ Aftermath of The Hurricane Katrina

The 2005 hurricane season was a tough one for many Caribbean countries. Hurricane Katrina – the storm was a catastrophic category 5 storm that hit New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. Five days after making landfall, Hurricane Rita hit the region and caused additional damage, as did subsequent storms. 



A renowned journalist Sheri Fink (Pulitzer prize winner) penned down her perspective on the best-selling book Five Days At Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital. The book was a massive success and gave hope to aspiring platforms to dig out and relive the stories from 2005.

AppleTV+ took it as a head up and announced the arrival of an exclusive limited series drama “Five Days At Memorial”. The adapted limited series comes from several award-winning artists including Academy Award Winner John Ridley who wrote the exemplary series based on the actual events mentioned in Sheri Fink’s book by the same name. 

The series follows the aftermath of the horrific Hurricane Katrina that shattered almost everything. AppleTV+ has released a thrilling trailer for the show. Here’s everything you need to know.

Five Days At Memorial Trailer Is Here With The ‘Political’ Aftermath Of The Hurricane Katrina

By the looks of it, AppleTV is certainly going to brew some solid conversations. Five Days at Memorial is here with its trailer starring Vera Farmiga. Apple has released the trailer for 8 episode series based on the experiences of a local hospital based in New Orleans which was heavily admitted with patients after the massive Hurricane.

The freshly released trailer for Five Days at Memorial took us into a powerful new limited series based on a book of the same name and following the chronicle’s actual events that occurred during Hurricane Katrina.

The show ​based on the events of Memorial Medical Center during Hurricane Katrina focuses on how medical professionals and nurses were working around the clock as they did their best to take care of patients while they were stranded inside.

The trailer also showed a darker or perhaps a lesser known side of the tragedy where the authorities were held accountable for a horrific incident inside the hospital. The trailer shows 45 dead bodies to be found in the local hospital that was shown as a result of Hurricane “succumbed”. 

A special attraction goes to the star of the show Vera Farmiga who leads the role of Dr Anna Pau, heavily inspired by the real a physician who was arrested back in the time but not indicted for the second-degree murder of patients at Memorial during the crisis. 

There is no doubt about Vera Farmiga’s capabilities to portray such intense characters. She has played complex characters before – not just in The Conjuring, but also in Bates Motel.

She’s going to bring a lot of different levels of depth to the role because she’s going to do it justice and it will help audiences be able to connect with her and resonate with the real life physician who dealt with such tragedy at that time. 

Five Days At Memorial – Will The Series Be Different Than The Original Book?



For those who have read the novel by Sheri Fink that is set in a hurricane-proof military hospital and follows the experiences of a group of doctors and nurses during the storm. The story is told from the perspectives of a young doctor, Rebecca, and an older doctor, Dr. Chris.

By the looks of the trailer, it seems the show is following the exact narrative of the book. We can hope to see some modulations as things can be pretty figurative when it comes to novel adaptations. The series has been actually filmed in New Orleans, specifically in some affected parts by the disaster. 

Five Days At Memorial – Expected Plot Of Mini Series

The story is told from August 2005 when the hospital was admitted with countless people injured and affected by the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. They arrived at Memorial Hospital without any equipment or supplies, but they managed to get some sort of treatment going despite this lack of resources.

The series will follow the lives of hospital staff in crisis who, in their time of need, have to make tough decisions that put people’s lives at risk. The series will follow these characters both in the time of fallout and after when they’re trying to rebuild their lives while trying to grapple with survivor’s guilt. 

Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the hospital and its patients. The building was flooded and it has been hit with an intense heat wave which means staff are quite stressed. They will have to work hard to keep things under control but they’re confident that they can do it.

The main protagonist, Vera Farmiga who plays a doctor tries to keep things running as best she can even though it seems like things are falling apart around her, she doesn’t have much success with that because she is so overwhelmed by everything that has happened over the last few days. 

Her character is shown constantly trying to calm everyone down and make sure that everyone gets what they need, but she doesn’t feel like she has enough time or energy for all of this work anymore because there are so many different problems going on at once.

Five Days At Memorial – Cast

The medical drama will feature Vera Farmiga, Adepero Oduye, Cornelius Smith Jr., Julie Ann Emery, Cherry Jones, Molly Hager and Michael Gaston. The adapted series is written by the famous John Ridley who also serves as the executive producer for the show along with Carlton Cuse. The series comes from the production house of ABC Signature. 

Five Days At Memorial – When Is It Releasing?

The medical drama limited series will arrive on AppleTV on August 12 significant to the month of the actual disastrous event that caused the massive damage in New Orleans.

The series is going to premiere the first three episodes on the premiere date on AppleTV subsequently releasing each episode every Friday till September 16th. 

The medical drama starring Vera Farmiga looks promising with the first glimpse, let’s hope to not break our trust in her heart-wrenching performance with this one. 

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