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First look at the Dimes Square Reality Show: The Come Up

This is going to sound weird but we have a Dimes Square reality show now. And it’s not just because the people who are making it seem to think that the current era is one of intense possibility and change.

But because this is where we are now: We’re living in a world where the only thing that matters is being seen and being seen on camera.

Why shouldn’t there be a Dimes Square reality show? Because it’s not enough to be here; you have to be seen here, too. That’s something that can happen even if you don’t know anything or make much of anything at all.

It doesn’t take an artist or an activist or an artist-activist. It doesn’t require any particular talent or ambition or skill or insight or intellect or having any ideas worth anyone else’s time.

All it takes is having a name and being seen, which seems like such a basic thing now but wasn’t always so clear-cut. 

So, here’s a new docu-style reality, “The Come Up” series by Freeform that will take viewers on a different ride of reality show that tells the current coming-of-age reality with a large chunk of perspective and individuality. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming series. 

First look at the Dimes Square Reality Show: The Come Up

The trailer shows a lot of promise as one of the few original series on the air. Each episode will follow a different cast member as they make their way from a young person’s perspective through growing up and into adulthood.

The show will explore how these young people navigate the challenges of growing up in New York City, including race, gender identity and sexuality.

The show follows the six Gen Z artists and their close-knit crew of friends as they work to make it in New York City.

The series follows each member as they navigate their way through the hustle and bustle of NYC — from managing social media accounts and managing their personal lives to working late nights at the office and spending time with friends.

But there’s more to it than that too. The show tries to capture what it’s like to be a limitlessly ambitious young person who wants it all (love, money, status).

How hard it can sometimes be for them to find fulfilment in their lives when they have so much on their plate already — especially when they don’t quite know how they got where they are or what exactly they want out of life yet.

Meet The Vibrant Cast

Diving deeper into reality TV, Freeform is bringing these charismatic artists to the world of possibilities including Taofeek Abijako, the youngest designer to have ever shown at New York Fashion Week.

Fernando Casablancas, a Brazilian-born aspiring supermodel. Ebon Trower, A budding entertainer. Claude Schwartz, an aspiring actress with a background in Theatre. Ben Hard, a rising performer and Sophia Wilson, Photographer. 

The Come Up, docu reality TV series is ready to premiere on Tuesday, September 13.

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