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First Kill Soundtrack: Here’s The Complete List of Shrill Music

You Never Forget Your First!

And First Kill won’t let you forget the melodious soundtrack that thrilled us. Something else captivates us in addition to the ensemble and premise of any particular show. Yes, we’re talking about the soundtrack.

First Kill has an incredible soundtrack that you cannot wait to hear. The thrilling music at the end complements the dramatic twists and turns.

It’s time for Juliette, a teenage vampire, to make her first kill and join her prominent family of Legacy vampires, matrilineal direct descendants of Lilith, who chose to be bitten by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Juliette has genuine affection for a new girl in town named Calliope, but she is shocked when Calliope turns out to be a vampire hunter from The Guardian Guild.

Both realize that the other will be difficult to kill and, unfortunately, far too easy to fall for. And it’s definitely worth watching.

First Kill Soundtrack List Is Filled With Marvelous Tune

The show will put you at ease with adventure, and the soundtrack will transit you there. And the entire list is mentioned with the episodes so that it is not challenging for you to find. Shall we begin?

Episode 1 – First Kiss

Hopprock By Madlib

Insane (Bad Owl Remix) By Kinney

Before He Cheats By Carrie Underwood

Panty Drop By Zorro 

Curious By Shameka Dwight

Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know By Grace VanderWaal

Lil Drop By Matthew Santos (MA/SA)

Slumber Party By Ashnikko Feat. Princess Nokia

Geaux by MK Xyz

Sneak Dissin By Sunnwhoa Love

Soldier Of Love By Sade

Ghost N Circles By Faith Carrey

I Still Taste Fire By Stephanie Mabey

Episode 2 – First Blood

Tug O War By Shameka Dwight

I Think You’re The Devil By Elle Duke

Love Love By The Mighty Tears of Joy

Temporal Anomaly By TK Rhodes feat. Bad Owl

The Tower By Merry Ellen Kirk

Episode 3 – First Fight

Effortless By FVB

Chasing The Thrill By Leslie Mendelson

Send Me To Hell By The Barrows

Castles In The Air By Laura & Anton

Wolves By Timothy Oliver & Natalie Barowitz

Money Spell By Govales

Big Stepper By D’anna Stewart feat. Sunwhoa Love

Hanging By Uri Grey

Episode 4 – First Date

Suddenly By Larisa Gosla

Give My Life For You By Matthew Santos

Live It Up By Dario Comuzzi & Michelle L. Ojeda 

Alive By The Spades feat. Bad Owl

Portland By King Cassius & Zmny

Til You Say So By Stephanie Mabey

Episode 5 – First Love

Jailbird By Tiffany Lee

Sweet Talk By Tyra Chantey

Too Late, Too Little By Matthew Santos (MA/SA)

The Zombie Song By Stephanie Mabey

Better By Jennie Law

Episode 6 – First Severing

Go Get It By Tape Pop feat. Kris J

Little Moon By Gone Gone Beyond

Mad Gaal By Beam

Bury A Friend By Billie Eilish

We Should Get It On By SuNWhoa Love

Got It Like That By Tamara Bubble

Dark Side By Jolene

Miss You By D’Anna Stewart

Call On The Moon By D’Anna Stewart

Always By Shameka Dwight

Episode 7 – First Goodbye

Man! I Feel Like A Woman By Shania Twain

My Sweet Demise By Sunny War

In Too Deep By Gone Gone Beyond

Murder Me By Leslie Mendelson

Breakout Season By SuNWhoa Love

Nvm By Gawd

Fade Into Oblivion By Shameka Dwight

Lonely Fool By 5 Alarm feat. Scarlett Burke

Episode 8 – First Betrayal

Snowflakes By Christoffer Franzen

The Monster By Heather Evans

Hush By The Marias

The Devil’s Bride By Jay Price

Why Don’t We Choose Love By Stephanie Mabey

Love Affair By Shameka Dwight

Unravelling By Matthew Santos

16 Shots By Stefflon Don

A Love So True By Sunny War

For convenience, here’s the Spotify link to the soundtrack.

What are your thoughts on the soundtrack? You’re welcome to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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