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‘First Kill’ Netflix Release Date is Out: First Look Images are Here

It’s time for a bite.

Oh, yes, we’re discussing an upcoming vampire series over here. No, it’s not The Vampire Diaries. ‘First Kill’ is your next most anticipated show. If you’re more of a Vampire enthusiast than a Wolf, you’ll be interested in learning more about ‘First Kill.’

The show is based on a short story written by New York Times best-selling author Victoria ‘V. E.’ Schwab. First Kill will have incredible romance, and Twilight admirers will undoubtedly want more.

It will center around Juliette, a teen vampire (Sarah Catherine Hook), and Calliope, a vampire hunter (Imani Lewis). There are a lot more things to talk about regarding this upcoming series.

‘First Kill’ Synopsis Will Grab Your Attention

You never forget your first.

Victoria Schwab developed, wrote, and executive produced the show. When it comes time for teenage vampire Juliette to perform her first kill in order to assume her position among a powerful vampire family, she lays her eyes on a newcomer girl in town named Calliope.

Calliope, however, is a vampire hunter from a line of legendary slayers, much to Juliette’s astonishment. Both realize that the other will be difficult to kill and, sadly, far too easy to fall for.

Emma Roberts is set to produce via her Belletrist Productions. Felicia D. Henderson (The Punisher, Empire) also acts as showrunner and executive producer in addition to writing. The show has an excellent team and they’re working to make another amazing vampire masterpiece.

‘First Kill’ Release Date Is Already Confirmed

We’re not going to leave you hanging now that the synopsis has peaked your imagination. This teen vampire show’s official release date has already been announced.

On Friday, June 10th, 2022 all eight episodes of First Kill will be available on Netflix. Yes, just a month and you’ll be watching another of Netflix’s top shows.

You will get to watch Cal and Juliette battle their feelings or betray their legacy. Love makes you do things. And Vampires never get old, right?

First Kill ‘First Look’ Images Seems Intense And Classy

Yes, there are some first look photographs of this upcoming drama along with the release date. We mentioned a few of the above, but not all of them because we wanted to save something for the end.

Let’s start with the poster of this upcoming drama. And that is without a doubt one of the most stunning posters. The affection they share and the ‘First Kill’ she desires are both difficult to control.

This is the following. Okay, she’s absolutely going to bite and kill for the first time. That is absolutely something intense since there is love and the desire to carry out your ‘kill.’

Juggling between them. We can’t wait to watch how they manage to make things work out [or not].

This image shows clearly that there is something going on. And, being a ‘Vampire’ story, we should expect a lot of turmoil. Things appear to be tense. The expressions on their faces reveal a lot about how exciting things are going to get.

There’s some practice going on, and it appears to be deadly. And didn’t that excellent move catch our attention?

Well, what are your thoughts on this upcoming series? Are you planning to watch it? You’re welcome to share your opinions and concerns in the comments area below.

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