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Fire Island Trailer: A Queer Rom-Com Coming This Summer

Summery beaches, love triangles and good old tan lines. Hulu’s Fire Island is the upcoming summer movie that should be on your list. 

One of the things many people in New York do over the summer is going to Sayville and catch a ferry to the Fire Island Pines. If you’re part of NYC’s queer community (or know someone who is), Sayville and its inhabitants are pretty familiar.

Summer is a magical time of year. You pack up your bags and your friends and head for the most incredible places on Earth. This feeling has been brought to life by this film from Searchlight, ‘Fire Island.’

The streaming platform Hulu is gearing up with its queer romantic comedy film. Fire Island is an exclusive film from Hulu that is ready to premiere in a month. 

 The streaming platform has released a fun trailer for the upcoming film starring some exciting pairs. The trailer is already creating a buzz around the internet for its diverse cast. Here’s everything you should know.  

Fire Island: Hulu Released a New Trailer

Hulu is causing a roar with their new releases every week. The streaming platform has updated its stock of romantic comedies for 2022 with another rom-com banger but this one is special as it features queer relationships and romance.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s popular novel, “Pride & Prejudice”. A modern take on the famous novel that focuses on two queer best friends who take a trip to the Pines, Fire Island which is considered the queer hotspot.

A queer rom-com narrative seems promising. With its announcement made back in June 2021, the streamer has finally released its much awaited trailer. The film is going to hit the platform on June 3rd. 

Fire Island: What’s in the Trailer?

The trailer shows two gay best friends trekking across the Great South Bay on a mission to get tipsy and find love. After reaching the island, they are introduced to the island’s cutest creatures: Fire Island dee and land in a home away from home. 

In honour of the summer, the two characters are dealing with an increased interest in romance; although, it may just be because they’re drinking.

We won’t spoil the fun by telling you what awaits you at our summer house, but we do recommend not missing out on these exclusive events. A few of them include drag shows and karaoke nights, with a beach nearby for when you’re feeling too tired to go out.

Fire Island Cast

The film brings a diverse cast including Joel Kim Booster as Noah Bowen, Yang as Howie, Margaret Cho as Erin, Conrad Ricamora as Will, James Scully as Charlie, Matt Rogers as Luke, Tomás Matos as Keegan, Torian Miller as Max, Nick Adams as Cooper, Zane Phillips as Dex, Michael Graceffa as Rhys, Aidan Wharton as Braden, Peter Smith as Moses and Bradley Gibson as Johnny.

The film is directed by Andrew Ahn with a screenplay by Joel Kim Booster. The film is produced by John Hodges, Brooke Posch and Tony Hernandez.

Here you go! This is all we got to update you on the upcoming Fire Island! 

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