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Fire Force Season 3: Everything We Know so far

Fire force is based on the manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. He is also known for his previous work, Soul eater. Fire Force has gained much popularity since it first premiered in 2019. The show will be back for its third season.

Where Can You Watch The Previous Seasons Of Fire Force

Fire force seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on several platforms. The first season of Fire Force premiered on July 2019. Similarly, The second was also a part of the summer lineup premiering on July 2020. Hulu and Crunchyroll are streaming both seasons. Funimation subscribers can watch the seasons ad-free on the app.

Release Date Of Season 3

Fire Force’s official Twitter handle announced the season on 16th May 2022. Unfortunately, the show has not announced any release date so far.

However, previous seasons were part of a summer lineup, so a summer release can also be expected for season 3. Crunchyroll and Funimation might soon drop the release date.

What Is The Series About

An event known as Spontaneous Human Combustion occurred in Tokyo. This phenomenon has ruined humanity because it turns people into Infernals, a flame-bursting beings. At the same time, the infernals are the first generation of Human Combustion and are called Demons.

The later generation is born with Pyrokinesis, Hence can maintain their Human form. Fire Force, a special fire Brigade, is formed to fight the increasing incidents involving Infernals. People born with these extraordinary power work for the fire defense agency. Eight independent companies combined together create the fire defense academy.

Fire Force: Plot

Shinra, a third-generation Pyrokinetic able to ignite his feet at will, joins the unique fire force company 8. The company dedicates itself to ending the infernal attack. While also finding the corruption in Companies 1 and 7.

As a young boy, everybody blamed Shinra for starting the fire that killed his mother and younger brother Sho. However, that is not true. White-clad, a doomsday cult, was responsible for the fire because they wanted to kidnap Shinra’s younger brother to repeat the event that had previously occurred.

What Is The Plot Of Season 3

The anime mostly followed the manga, and no information regarding season 3 has been disclosed. A total of 20 volumes have been covered in the previous seasons. Fire Force manga covered Volumes 1 to 11 in the first season. Season 2 covered 11 to 20 volumes.

The new season will cover the rest of the volumes covered in the manga. The previous season ended with Shingra training to reach an advanced point, “The press of Death.” A more significant battle might take place in the new season.

The rising tension between Company 8 and Evangelist can rise. Tokyo empire and Company 8 will join hands to defeat the Evangelists.



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