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FBoy Island: Hot List of Cast with their Instagram

Speaking of reality dating shows, there have been quite a few of them dodging around lately but are they any good, really? Before we dive to FBoy Island, ask yourself if you are ready yet!

HBO Max’s next big hit is FBoy Island. If you are out of shows to binge-watch, allow me to suggest FBoy Island for so many reasons that we have. To start off, when you have the recipe for dating and drama, you can always expect a delicious result.

For the side, you get swimsuits. 

Well, it just gets hotter making the temperature blow up! Duh, weren’t the heat waves hot enough that we have an addition!

Fboy Island

The new series, ladies, will have 27 sexy, scintillating singles who are ready to walk through a dating pool to explore their chances.

We have a lot of gossip in place, keep reading to find it all out.

FBoy Island – Every Detail You Need!

The trailer has gained so many spotlights. HBO Max put front the trailer of ”FBoy Island”, which is a dating show, and trust me when I say this, it just keeps getting hotter as you move through those lines

The show host, the sizzling, Nikki Glaser, amps up the level with her ooze.

The trailer speaks so much in volume and everything that you expect from a dating show. You are gonna wish, you were there.

You can clearly see how one gorgeous throws another into a pool, others lounging around, men offering those sweet grapes to the ladies, couples going out on dates, and god o’ god, we are already restless.

The production team, STXalternative has thrown a fantastic idea. The concept was primarily on the loose and the concept matched exactly how other dating shows are, the only difference is, FBoy steals the limelight.

The Cast, The Contestants, and The Spice!

You can expect so much from this show and honestly, to get a cool breeze in this hot summer, you can tune in to FBoys Island.

The show is all about three single and gorgeous single ladies who will reside in a ravishing island sort of a villa. Joining them will be 24 guys, and here’s the catch. 12 Guys entitled ‘Nice’ and 12 Guys will be doing justice to the title as they will be entitled ‘FBoys’

The three women are exploring their ways to find love whereas the FBoys are on a mission and have their eyes set on the Grand Prize. By the time the show ends, you will figure out who won the heart of the ladies.

Here are all the details of the ladies and the gentleman who will be a part of FBoys Island streaming only on HBO Max.

Ladies on the Floor!

1. CJ Franco

CJ Franco’s hobby includes wine tasting and sharing deadly poses.

Age – 30
City – Los Angeles, CA

2. Nakia Renee

Nakia is into romance and has a bad experience in the past with FBoys. She still has hopes up!

Age – 28
City – Los Angeles, CA

3. Sarah Emig

The boys have got a lot coming with Sarah Emig. She loves to hangout, boating, and travel.

Age – 25
City – Chicago, Illinois

Guys making the Way to FBoy Island!

Here is a quick check on the guys. Stop drooling already, will you?

5. Garratt Powers

Age – 35
City – Seattle, Washington

FBoy Island

6. Casey Johnson

Age – 24
City – Toledo, Ohio

7. Andrew Dietz

Age – 27
City – Savannah, Georgia

8. Greg Metelus

Age – 25
City – Los Angeles, California

9. Peter Park

Age – 30
City – Springfield, Virginia

10. Ryan Garland

Age – 27
City – Tempe, Arizona

11. Jared Motley

Age: 27
City: Miami, Florida

12. Chaun Williams

Age: 35
City: Las Vegas, Nevada

14. Matthew Chamberlin

Age: 22
City: Nashville, Tennessee

15. Cameron Brown

Age: 29
City: Las Vegas, Nevada

FBoy Island

16. Chris Gillis

Age – 29
City – New York, New York

17. Garrett Morosky

Age: 28
City: Los Angeles, California

18. Divij Vaswani

Age: 24
City: Los Angeles, California

19. Israel Damri

Age: 34
City: Los Angeles, California


20. Paul Keating

Age: 22
City: Fort Collins, Colorado

21. Collin Carter

Age: 26
City: Toledo, Ohio

22. Anthony Reed

Age: 28
City: Charlotte, North Carolina

FBoy Island

23. Jamie Wood

Age: 30
City: Charlotte, North Carolina

24. Tariq Johnson

Age – 22
City – Fort Collins, Colorado

25. Josh McDonald

Age: 34
City: Chicago, Illinois

26. Fernando Titus

Age: 27
City: Los Angeles, California

27. Mark Moran

Age: 29
City: New York, New York

If you love Islands, you are going to love FBoys Island. The premiers hit HBO Max on July 29. The first three episodes will be available straight up. As for the rest, you can expect them on your screen on August 5th, and the tour ends, August 12.

Excited already? So, are we!

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