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FBG Duck’s Mother LaSheena Weekly Claims Making $35k on OnlyFans in a Week

Late rapper FBG Duck’s mother has found a new way to make ends meet. The woman, named LaSheena Weekly, has joined OnlyFans and is apparently raking in a massive wealth from the platform. In a recent interview, she claimed to have made $35,000 on the platform in a week itself.

OnlyFans, the service launched in 2016, has become increasingly popular as a way to earn money for celebrities, models, and common people by sharing their private and explicit photos and videos with their followers. Read on to know what LaSheena had to say about her experience on the platform.

FBG Duck’s Mother LaSheena Claims Earning $35k on OnlyFans in a Week

LaSheena Weekly, who seems to have found huge fame online, appeared on the Say Cheese YouTube channel recently, where she talked about her earnings from OnlyFans. She revealed that she was able to earn $35,000 in just one week on the platform, which will now help her to look after her family.

“I don’t wanna be tooting my horn but 35 in a week. I wish I would’ve thought about this years ago,” she said in the video. When the surprised host asked her, “how much?”, LaSheena shouted. “$35k”.

She goes by the name Mama Duck on OnlyFans. FBG Duck’s mom has also become popular on Instagram and YouTube, having 30,000 followers and 40,000 subscribers on the platforms, respectively.

Mama Duck Slammed the Trolls Who Mocked Her

In the YouTube video, LaSheena went on to slam the trolls who mocked her for joining OnlyFans. She later shared a screenshot of her earnings from the platform as proof on her Instagram Story, which showed that she made $24,618.80 between January 1 and February 21.

While the amount is lesser than she claimed, making almost $25k in less than two months is still a feat. LaSheena joined OnlyFans at the beginning of the year. She was later seen promoting her profile on other social media platforms.

“That’s what I’m talking about, my content fire as hell. And I’m grown, and I can do what I wanna do,” she said during a live stream after creating her account. While a number of followers joked about her decision, she continued to roll out content.

FBG Duck was Shot Dead in 2020

Rapper FBG Duck, whose real name was Carlton Weekly, was murdered in Chicago in August 2020. He was shot 21 times while shopping with his friends outside a high-end store in Gold Coast. The attack also left two others wounded, including the rapper’s girlfriend.

It was later revealed that Carlton had a price on his head. A source confirmed that someone from the Black Disciples street gang offered a $50,000 bounty to anyone who killed the rapper. The amount was later raised to $100,000.

Born in 1994, FBG Duck was raised in Chicago’s Southside. He started his career at a young age and released a number of tracks before his untimely death, including Chicago Legends, On Dat Car, Gang Anthem, Slide, Expose Me, Let’s Talk, and Young & Living.

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