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Fanfare for Adolescence Preview, Where to Watch and Plot

Get ready to feel young and grab that dream of yours just like the youth of tomorrow as you follow the journey of Yu as he quits music to pursue horses in Fanfare of Adolescence.

This anime is a relaxing time where you sit down and chill. The anime brings out the memories of your college or school days when things were much more simple and there was just one goal to achieve, living life to the fullest.

Fanfare of Adolescence Trailer

Here’s a short trailer that might want you to look into what makes this anime special. Though the premise might feel a little different as this may be one of the only anime that focuses on horses being the main catch.

If you were wondering where to stream Fanfare of Adolscenece this summer, you can catch the new episodes of this anime on Crunchyroll.

The Celebration of Youth

Fanfare of Adolescence is one of the current anime airing in the Summer 2022 season. It’s about the lead singer in Japan’s top idol group quitting his celebrity life to pursue his passion for horse riding by attending a prestigious school.

This is another one of those anime that talks about the harsh and challenging life of an idol at a young age and quitting the life of a child celebrity. Another thing that is very apparent about the messaging is the courage to go after your passion.

In Fanfare of Adolescence the protagonist, Yu is taken aback when he sees a jockey riding a horse and feeling the wind, going at a speed that makes the world pass by and becoming one with the horse.

The chemistry between Yu and Shun is beautiful and adds a breath of fresh air to the sports and the idol genre. Most of the aspects of the show are done for but it is funny and heartwarming.

The anime will see his journey from riding the horses of the academy to learning more about the world of jockeys and horses. The one thing great about the anime is that Yu is a noob regarding the knowledge of the jockey world, just like most of the people watching this anime.

Only Nitpicks

The premise is great and the show talks about great topics in the Japanese and anime industry, including how the corporate world can poison the youth. Chasing the wind on a horse in an open field might feel amazing but if the animation doesn’t hit with the flow then the show can’t succeed.

In the first episode of the show, the horses were looking like horrendous CGI monsters like the Beserk anime in 2015. If the show is not going to improve the way that horses look, it will be another idol anime that gets swept under the rug for a small thing.

What’s to Come?

The race to become a jockey has just begun, so strap in for another 12 episodes that will come out for the first season of Fanfare of Adolescence.

The episodes will be released weekly, every Saturday, a great time to catch up on some relaxing television while enjoying your weekend.

If you still aren’t sold on watching Fanfare of Adolescence yet, more articles on why we love this anime will be on The Teal Mango.

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