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Family Reunion Part 5: Release Date and Everything We Know

What could make you laugh any better than Family Reunion? Correct me if I am wrong but I bet nothing could bring you the laugh as this show does. 

The show falls on the list of so many users and especially when they are volunteering to watch a show that’s light on the heart. Oh, and it also gets you a little bit of emotion time and again.

Either way, let’s jump to what’s significant and highlight that The McKellans are coming back once again! The show has been releasing its parts in bits and pieces with the fourth installment hitting Netflix on August 26th. No wonder the increase in fanbase has been up and rising the whole time.

Family Reunion Part 5

Every year, the show is being renewed, and therefore, it goes without saying that Family Reunion Part 5 could be underway.

Well, with the ongoing speculations about the show, fans certainly are demanding answers.

Is the show canceled just like many others that we have on the list? When can we expect Part 5? With such serious questions making circles around, we thought of bringing the answers right to you.

Family Reunion Part 5

Here’s everything we so far know about Family Reunion Part 5.

First Thing’s First – Family Reunion Part 5 Possibilities?

Sadly, there isn’t an official word out yet that would guarantee the return of the show’s fifth part.

But hey, chill up there’s nothing to worry about because as we saw, Part 4 of Family Reunion dropped on August 26th, and to expect news for a renewal is a little early. So, we are hoping for an announcement to drop soon anyway.

And if you have watched the fourth part of the show, you know how much there is a possibility of Part 5 because hello, we were left on a cliffhanger.

Clearly, Part 5 renewal is underway, it’s just a bit of patience that will do the trick.

Release Date Predictions!

After the announcement of the renewal for Part 5, we can expect the show to hit somewhere in Spring 2022 or could be late Summer.

The other releases were done during the same timeline and hence, the guess comes from there.

Don’t worry, either way, we are going to keep you posted.

Family Reunion Seasons Till Date

So far, the show has four seasons.

With the first season having 10 episodes followed by the second season with nine episodes and for the third and fourth, we had eight and seven episodes respectively.

Every episode is close to 30 minutes.

A Family Reunion Christman Special was also released as a special bonus episode. This episode too is 30 minutes or less.

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  1. There was also a crossover episode of Family Reunion on Netflix’s GAME ON: Conedy Crossover Event.
    But even I am waiting for a part 5 <3

  2. Bro I can’t wait for you guys to make a new season you guys need to hurry because I can’t wait and I love love love lovvvvvvvvvve this show I watch it 24/7 Every week but please hurry I can’t wait


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