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F is for Family Season 6: Is It Happening?

In the wake of animated dramas like BoJack Horseman and The Legend of Korra, Animation has become a legitimate platform for adult storytelling across genres including sci-fi, fantasy, drama and horror.

Rather than simply one for comedy or family-friendly fare. Adult animated shows have been marking their territory across platforms with such impeccable shows.

One of them being F is for Family. F is for Family is one of the relevant and enjoyable adult animated shows over the years. The show has recently gained a lot of popularity for its storytelling which gathers an audience of almost every age. 

F is for Family is undeniably one of the best things that happened on TV since 2015. The animated raunchy family comedy running since 2015, giving us an extensive 5 seasons has captured our eyes with its quintessential writing and witty narrative. 

With its latest installment released in November 2021, the show has left fans wondering whether their favourite Family is thinking of coming back for the 6th season. 

Till then let’s brush up on what has happened and where the show leads us with its future. 

F is for Family Season 6: Is It Happening?

The American animated sitcom inspired by the life of stand-up comic Bill Burr premiered its latest season in November 2021. The series is one of the most celebrated TV sitcoms for its proactive narrative.

The show ran for successful five years and earned an honest audience who were really looking forward to having 100 more seasons from their Murphy Family. 

Unfortunately, there won’t be a season 6 coming in the future. The streaming platform Netflix announced at the time of renewal in October 2020 that the hit animated series will only be airing season 5 and it will be the last of Murphy’s Family on our screens.

The news was also shared by the show’s co-creator, Michael Price.

Michael Price Confirmed the end of F is for Family with Season 5

Michael Price, the co-creator of F is for Family along with Bill Burr confirmed way back in October 2020 when the renewal announcement of Season 5 sprawled on the internet. 

Michael expressed that this show was one of the remarkable things in his career. He showed his gratitude for Netflix, Gaumont and Wild West who helped them bring out the loud family in front of the world and poured a huge community of loving people and fans. 

F is for Family: What was the show about?

F is for Family is loosely inspired by Bill Burr’s childhood. The show is about a family in the early 1970s.

Disillusioned, foul-mouthed Korean War vet Frank X raises a family in this animated series. Along with his wife Susan and their three kids, Frank faces some tough obstacles at work as well.

They have different views on whether to have children (with Susan thinking it would be better for the planet); there’s also the issue of what happens when her business starts and gets in the way of family. 

A good run of 5 years was worth spending on this show. We wish to see a ray of hope coming in the form of a spin-off in the future. Till then, good luck finding more amazing shows!

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