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Exploring The Face Behind TikTok’s ‘LemonLady Secrets’

A TikTok user, that goes by the handle, ‘LemonLady Secrets’ has been sharing stories of other people’s dating stories using the lemon filter and a voice change feature, and fans couldn’t stop wondering who is the face behind these lemons. Rumours have it that she may be a celebrity. Read on to explore this mysterious woman.

Who Is ‘LemonLady Secrets’?

Lately, a TikTok handle, @lemonladysecrets, has earned a lot of attention. TikTokers are wondering who is the face behind the lemon filters, that this woman uses to narrate dating stories. In each video, this lady is known for sharing a hilarious and embarrassing moment of her dating life, and she does it in style!

She uses a lemon filter to hide her face and even a voice change feature to hide her identity and keep the mystery alive. The first video was posted from this account on Aug. 4, 2022, and since then, the handle has garnered more than a million followers. While we still do not know the person behind the lemons, we have gathered some potential names based on the hints that have been circulating all over the internet.

What Are The Hints?

You may be aware that “LemonLady Secrets” has previously revealed that she has dated at least 1 television personality, and has also claimed to use Raya, an app used by several celebrities. In another video, she revealed that she was 17 years old in 2011, which means she is 29 at present. Ever since her first video, this is what we have gathered:

  • she’s single
  • She’s in her 20s
  • She’s single
  • She is a celebrity
  • She uses dating apps

As for her identity, Dr Sara, a Harvard dentist who goes by @veneercheck on TikTok, has tried to figure out the woman’s identity. She compared her teeth to the teeth of various celebrities, such as Emma Roberts, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry, Brittany Snow, Rachel Mc Adams, Anna Kendrick, Kristin Chenoweth, Billie Lourd, Lily Collins and Natasha Lyonne.

However, some social media users believe that she may be the TikTok influencer @hellotefi (real name Estefania Vanegas Pessoa), as she is known for her funny storytelling. As for the above claims, @lemonladysecrets denied them by saying: “[Tefi] works at InStyle, she has 1.5 million followers. She’s not going to be coming on here as a lemon talking about her butthole.”

While her identity remains hidden, the woman claims that all of her stories are real. She takes submissions from fans, allowing them to narrate their embarrassing stories through her platform. In her latest video, she claimed that she is having trouble finding the lemon filter, which ignited rumors that she may delete her account.

“Either I am stupid and I’m going to delete this OR this is a RED ALERT! Tag your smart friends. Not ready for our journey to end,” she wrote in the caption. Fans quickly suggested that she may shift to other fruits. While we aren’t sure if she’s gonna stay any longer on TikTok, we assure you that we will unravel her identity in the coming days. But hey, got any guesses?

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