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Everything We Know About Zive Season 2

This huge and adaptive world we live in is overflowing with people to put on the TV and make it uncomfortable. That’s why Showtime decided to renew Ziwe for a second season.

Increasingly, there were a few reality shows that were barely showing the reality. Entered Ziwe who changes the reality narrative completely and gave it a solid meaning.

In June 2021, the discomfort talk show was renewed by the network following its massive response and viewership. 

The show became an “icon” in its first season because the fearless host Ziwe took the shoe her way and asked some seriously weird and uncomfortable questions that left us wanting more.

The show “Ziwe” was originally based on comedian Ziwe Fumudoh’s YouTube and Instagram Live series called Baited with Ziwe, the late-night talk show featuring everything that you would not expect from a talk show.

The show included comedy sketches precisely on current affairs and hilariously uncomfortable interviews. The show has helped this comedian become one of the leading forces in this genre.

So, for those who missed the second season’s episodes currently airing on Showtime since May 1st, 2022 and looking to catch up on all the missed Ziwe updates, here’s everything for you to brush up on.

Ziwe Season 2: The Baddest Line Up Of Guests This Season

On May 1st, 2022, the network Showtime premiered the much anticipated talk show featuring one of the best comedians in the town Ziwe Fumudoh.

For those who missed their chances and wanted to peak a preview on the guest list to make it spicy, take a glimpse at the star line up for the Ziwe Season 2.

The series baffled everyone with its bold and impressive guest list last season, so they had to keep up with the pace because it’s Ziwe we are talking about.

The first season also happened to have musical performances by Fumudoh herself and unscripted interactions with people from around the world.

This season’s star guest list included Charlamagne Tha God, Chet Hanks, Emily Ratajkowski, Ilana Glazer, Hannibal Buress, Nicole Byer, Mia Kalifa, Adam Pally, Katya Zamolodchikova and Deux Moi.

Till you reach episode fifth, you can also expect a special appearance from Jane Krakowski and Luann de Lesseps. 

The first season of Ziwe premiered in May 2021 and had Fumudoh interviewing and interrogating some interesting people including  Phoebe Bridgers, Fran Lebowitz, Andrew Yang, Eboni K. Williams, Gloria Steinem, and Stacey Abrams. 

The late night talk show is created by Ziwe Fumudoh herself where she serves as the executive producer along with Jamund Washington, Hunter Speese, Alli Reich, Ravi Nandan and Jo Firestone. 

Ziwe: The Cringe Comedy Reality show

 Ziwe is a late night talk show. The show revolves around the host and her guests discussing various issues that concern their community.

Ziwe’s target audience is people from all walks of the community, including young people and elderly people. The show also aims at educating people on current issues facing their country with a hint of comedy and musical performances to make it worth watching.

This variety show by Ziwe who gives her best by making uncomfortable and speaking bold brings some serious issues to the table with music, interviews, field pieces, sketches, and fake commercials. 

Ziwe Season 2: Is There Any Trailer?

On April 14th, 2022, the network Showtime released the trailer for the unique variety show. The trailer showed making a triumphant and audacious return, telling us the most iconic things from a fresh point of view.

The trailer showed that the thrilling season will take on some very important and relevant issues like ‘Critical Race Theory, ‘Woke Capitalism’ or ‘Female Empowerment.

The tremendous host Ziwe will do it with the spirit of iconoclastic criticism that has always been her hallmark. This season includes a bunch of bold colours and quirky backgrounds to make the site feel livelier and give it a rosy touch. 

Expressing on the arrival of the season 2, Ziwe shared with her fans that her wildest dreams were penned down for a brilliant talk show’s script along with exciting cast and star guests.

She also thanked the lovely and supportive viewers that made the previous season a big hit. She added that the bizarre talk show continue for a long time!

She also added that she is delighted to continue the collaboration with Showtime and co-creator Sheila Hockin. 

Ziwe Season 2: How’s This Season Different From The First?

So far we know that Ziwe has pulled that master card to call anyone on her couch and ask the most random and most uncomfortable question to get that quirk out of it. Considering this, season 2 took the theme and objective of the show to a level ahead.

The all in one variety show brought every possible thing to your screen right from comedy sketches to musical performances that just pops in between and most importantly the satire that kept the show playful and at the edge.

The six episodes package of Ziwe Season 2 gripped the audience with its each episode.  Starting from the very first episode of Race theory which explored the issues of race discrimination and a powerful talk with a few parents at the end.

This season also included a special segment on celebrity rights where Ziwe, heard from Chet Hanks and DeuxMoi explores how fame impacts our mental health and why we may be hesitant to embrace it.

Ziwe Season 2: Season Finale Episode Recap (spoilers!)

I know, you don’t want to read this bit but there should be something catchy to make you watch it. Right!

So, the season finale premiered on June 5th and had everything to bring down the show with the right emotion and the ultimate “Ziwe” style. 

The finale episode explored gay pride and corporate allyship. Ziwe had a phenomenal talk with Drag Queen Katya Zamalodchikova and Actor Adam Pally.

The show focused on discrimination, company allyship and the power that the LGBTQ community holds to change the perspective. There was also an exclusive preview of Ziwe’s next music video. 

The season 2 is available to stream on Showtime. You can catch up on six episode package to witness the real drama and unfold some hilarious quirks from your favourite artists. 

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