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Everything We Know About The Possibility Of Partner Track Season 2

After the ‘damn’ ending of Season one, audiences are eagerly anticipating Partner Track Season 2. Georgia Lee created the show, which is based on Helen Wan’s 2013 novel The Partner Track. On August 26, 2022, it premiered on Netflix.

The legal drama follows Ingrid Yun, an idealistic lawyer who continues to struggle with her moral compass as she strives to become a partner at a New York City law firm. We definitely need another season if the story of this incredible drama is to continue.

And it’s likely to happen because there are many possibilities and official statements are pointing in the right direction.

Partner Track Season 2 Renewal Status

If you’re wondering if Partner Track Season 2 will be renewed, the streaming platform and team have yet to announce it. The renewal status has yet to be confirmed. However, the happening of another season is probably high.

Netflix executives are enthusiastic about Partner Track, and the series is poised for a Season 2 renewal.

Jinny Howe, the Head of Drama Development at Netflix stated, “We are really excited. We have early thoughts about what Season 2 might be; I know that our creator Georgia Lee has a powerful perspective on what Season 2 would be. So yes, we are early conversations considering how excited we are about how Season 1 turned out.”

Lee, the series creator/executive producer, and her writers are already brainstorming ideas for a possible second season.

Lee also talked about plans for potential season 2, “We don’t have an official pickup yet. I think everyone’s feeling very excited about it. We just started early chatting about season two but yeah, we’re very, very hopeful that we will get to continue to tell the story.”

Lee added, “Marty Adler at the end of Season one is very upset with her. So I would say in Season two, we’ll see — we just started chatting about it — but I’d say we’ll see some of the fallout; he is not a man who can take that lightly.”

Let’s Talk About The Finale Cliffhanger 

Lee discussed the finale cliffhanger and talked a lot about the betrayal that took place.

“Yes, we all were like, this is off the charts betrayal, so how can one possibly come back from something like that? We often get notes from our lovely network execs who tell us to make the characters more likable, and I always say that our job as writers is not to make a character more likable, our job is to make a character more understandable.

Because if you understand where a person is coming from, then you understand why they make the choices they make. And they might not always be the right choices but at least we create that level of empathy and compassion for the character, which I think is much more real to life. So I think what we will learn in Season 2 is a little bit more, why would a person like Murphy do that? What in his history has made him like that?”

Lee also mentioned Nick when asked by an outlet [deadline].

“He’s such a good guy. And I think part of the story is, Ingrid, you always want to start your characters, not in a place where they’re fully aware and rationalized people. She doesn’t choose the good guy. We really love Nick, we love [actor] Rob Heaps. I think we definitely want to continue to find ways to keep the characters that we love around.”

What are your predictions for what will happen in the next season? You are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. OMG. I’m seating anxiously awaiting a Season 2, 3, 4 etc…this is definitely 2022 and so forth new All McBeal, what Television and Streaming shows have been missing… I cannot wait for Netflix to bring us back Partner Track Season 2

  2. Marty Adler is a cutthroat. All he cares about is money. He has no empathy nor any morale compass; a focus on his character is a must. What are his reasons for being tge way he is? He needs growth and there is a possibility for him to grow. It was briefly shown that he can improve.

    FL needs to see that Nick is a better person for her. We all can fantasize. However, reality must always be the focus when there is a good person who truly loves us and our warts and all. The dynamic chemistry with the trio lawyers must continue because it is where the series shines. Further exploration in their chemistry, personal lives, aspiration and friendship is a must. I enjoy the portrayal of Rachel Friedman by the actress, Alexandra Turshen. She was my favorite. She’s grounded, pratical and strong. She’s just herself. Further development and exploration of her life would be a welcoming treat.

    As for the character, Murphy, Ingrid shouldn’t forgive him. A selflish individual should not be rewarded for their betrayal. Bradley Gibson slay his role. I truly enjoy his acting as Tyler. His dialogue on race is too sugary and truly reflect reality. He is a Havard graduate and afrocentric. His lines are weak for an afrocentric person.

    I am looking forward to season 2. Ingrid is brilliant, but she needs to not sell her solul for any position. The way the series is heading I like.

    I would love to see her interact with Z on a romantic interlude; he is an interesting character. There was “the eyelash moment.” That is flirtation. There so much I can write.

    I had a great time watching the series minus the race issue. It was uncomfortable and frankly unnecessary. To be realistic, a stronger, dramatic approach could have been adapted. Microagression is real. The portrayal of it in the show was too weak. The examples were weak. There are too many instances of it in real life.

    Looking forward to season 2.

  3. I am pretty sure Ingrid will end up with Z. They have much in common and they are beginning to form a bond and admire each other. Murphy betrayed her and Nick let her have a record over the stupid earrings, he values his possessions more than he did her Z is the man.


  4. If there will be a Season 2, I think Ingrid and Z are great together. I’ve been rooting for them the first time Ingrid talked to Z. And the scene where Z took an eyelash from Ingrid’s cheek, I knew the writers are brewing something.

  5. c Keith Ingrid father has a lot to do with the way she is. He wanted her to set her mind on being number one no matter what she had to do. Remember some of the things her father said to her when she told him she had quit her job. Please keep Nick in Season 2 as a good person. Do not change Murthy’s character. He is not a smart person, he uses Ingrid to make him look smart. Ingrid is using him to get to the top. Have it that every time she sees Nick he is smiling and telling her he is doing okay. Give Nike a girlfriend. Season 3 she is going to want Nick back, but, she will have to work hard to get him back became she is tired of being used. Season 2 add a therapist, then we can find out their real problems. Leave all of Ingrid friends in the story. I like all of the characters. Make sure please, it has an happy ending.

    • I like your comments. Does need to pay a price in the show otherwise is not real, betrayal is not cool the matter whether it’s reality or on television. There is a price to be paid when someone does what she did. Although I do appreciate your comments regarding the father figure pushing a grid the matter what, but children should have their own individuality cannot be dictated by family, but by honesty in reality and truth. Otherwise they deserve all the pain they can get

  6. The show was cute, until she betrayed the man she was engaged to for the lover…… than the lover betrayed her. At the last scene to make partner….. We’ll see how reality on the TV series plays out for season 2 whether there’s a conscience and value to the writers….. Or have the scorned lover due to his financial wealth destroyed both of their careers…. And let society no she is what she is someone not to trust and deftly don’t fall in love with….. Betrayal is not cool. Even for New York standards

  7. Everybody’s asking questions regarding why the betrayal to her from her new lover…… you forget and the middle of the season. He made a statement when they were going see “z” …… Remember when she was driving the car and he told her he did not like the idea of being broke and his attitude and his demeanor, stating he will do anything, everything to be financially secure and successful the matter or what he has to do… That there was the defining moment, describing his personality and the future steppingstones is only thing he needs to get ahead


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