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ESPN Host P.K. Subban Faces Criticism After On-Air ‘Lizzo Weight Joke’

Former NHL defenseman and present ESPN hockey analyst P.K. Subban is facing massive criticism, especially from Lizzo fans after he used the singer’s weight as a reference during a live show on Toronto’s lackluster loss to Florida in Game 1 of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Here’s what happened along with Toronto Maple Leafs’ shameful loss.

P.K. Subban Made A “Fatphobic” Joke On Lizzo

ESPN hockey analyst, P.K. Subban is facing massive backlash for a “fatphobic” joke on four-time Grammy-winning singer, Lizzo during a live broadcast on the channel. The former hockey pro indulged with other panelists about the Toronto Maple Leaf’s round-one loss to Florida Panthers, making a crass suggestion on how to improve their game.

Subban said, “Maybe they need to pack a Lizzo-sized lunch. They weren’t prepared in my opinion.” While his intentions may have been different, the on-air joke ignited massive backlash as Lizzo’s army slammed the anchor for his “fatphobic” joke.

While Subban intended to advise Toronto Maples to come well-fed in the next round, the Lizzo reference did put the former hockey player in a lot of trouble. Lizzo, who is known as an active body-positivity icon, recently begged people to stop making comments about her body.

Fans Criticize P.K. Subban For His Crass Comment

As P.K. Subban made the “Lizzo weight joke”, the internet started buzzing with criticism. One fan wrote, “’ Lizzo-sized lunch.’ Gross comment by PK Subban @espn.” Another questioned, “Did pk Subban just make a fatphobic Lizzo joke…..”

Last month, the singer took to Instagram, begging fans not to make body-shaming comments against her. “Do we realize that artists are not here to fit into your beauty standards? Artists are here to make art?”” The “About Damn Time” singer said on her Instagram story.

She also shared some of the nasty comments by people on her weight. She added, “I wish that comments costed [sic] y’all money so we can see how much time we’re f–king wasting on the wrong thing. Can we leave that s–t back there, please?”

In 2021, Lizo was trolled by people for twerking in a daring dress at Cardi B’s 29th birthday party. In December 2019, Lizzo received backlash as she danced and twerked on her song “Juice”  at a Los Angeles Lakers game while wearing a dress that revealed her thong. Throughout her career, Lizzo has been a victim of body shaming.

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