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Emma Roberts Stars in the Horror Film Abandoned; Trailer is Out

Verticle Entertainment released the trailer of Abandoned, the horror film on Friday and it stars Emma Roberts in the role of a  troubled mother.

Synopsis of the Film

The horror film follows the intense lives of Sara, her husband Alex and their infant as they move into a farmhouse in a remort area, which perhaps harbours a tragic and dark past. As the past of the house is revealed, “the mother’s fragility escalates to a state of psychosis that jeopardizes her own safety and that of her newborn son.”

Abandoned, directed by Squire has been written by Erick Patterson and Jessica Scott. The other cast of the film includes John Gallagher Jr. and Michael Shannon.

Abandoned Trailer: A Creepy Descent into Madness

From the trailer, we can say for sure that Abandoned is a horror story which will keep us on edge the whole way through the film. The glimpses the trailer gives us from the film are indeed scary and it seems as if the scares will not only come from the haunted house but also from the glimpses of the intruding neighbour. The trailer also shows how the new mom slowly descents into madness in order to save her child.

Emma Robert an Icon

Emma Roberts, as we know is an icon and the roles she played from her killer role in Scream 4 to the role of the head witch in charge in American Horror Story: Coven, she sure does have a knack for horror roles and is impeccable at it. Emma has earned a fan following in the horror community and she in the Ryan Murphy’s TV series Scream Queens has made her stand out even more.

Emma is aware of what the audience wants and she indeed delivers it through her performance and her excellence. Emma’s talents have been tapped by the Director Spencer squire in the upcoming horror film Abandoned as well, but now she takes up the role of a troubled mom, unlike her past sassy teenager’s role.

Emma Robert’s Role

Spencer Squire’s Abandoned, a haunted house flick will showcase Emma Roberts as a mother who is battling postpartum depression after she gave birth and then moved into a country home which apparently is rumoured to be a house where a suicide/murder occurred. The trailer indeed paints a picture of a very rehearsed and cliche haunted house film.

Michael Shannon’s Role

What sets this film apart from the standard haunted house films is the amazing Michael Shannon, his prescience as the concerned, helpful and possibly homicidal neighbour indeed brings the curiosity and thrill into the clips where he made an appearance. He indeed is of the actors that give the simultaneous impression of a person that seems to be very caring but also quiet and also the one who could be evil.

Abandoned will hit On Demand and Digital HD on the 17th of June this year and the fans of Emma’s horror performances are surely curious to see how this haunted house flick unfolds.

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