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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters’ Relationship Timeline Explored

During their seven years together, the love story between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters has had its share of highs and lows throughout their time together.

They met for the first time while filming Adult World in 2012, but sparks didn’t exactly fly right away when they met each other. Even though the duo didn’t become a couple right after the filming of the show ended, when they ended up a couple, there were plenty of bumps and challenges along the way.

There have been many positives and negatives throughout Peters and Robert’s relationship, including a domestic violence case, the idea of getting engaged, the idea of getting starring roles, three breakups, and even divorce. As a result, their relationship has gone through more than one rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters’ Relationship Timeline

In a recent interview, Roberts discussed the breakup between him and Peters after they decided to call it quits forever in March 2019. She said there will always be good and bad times in life, adding that she understands. However, She is trying her best to overcome them and find a middle ground where she can live.

Here’s the story of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters’ relationship, starting from the time they starred in the same movies until their final breakup, which covers a lot of ground.

Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Met In February 2012

Several years ago, Peters and Roberts got to know one another while filming their film Adult World. However, while Roberts was smitten with him, neither of them had anything romantic to do with the other until filming was over.

A Relationship Rumor About Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Has Been Circulated Since July 14, 2012

After the two were spotted kissing each other during the wedding of Emily Current, the stylist she works with, there were dating rumors about Peters and Roberts in May. They looked cute as they embraced and had hands during their marriage, according to a source who told me at the time.

The Red Carpet Debut Of Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Took Place On January 13, 2013

On January 13, 2013, Peters and Roberts made their red carpet debut together on the red carpet as they walked for the first time. The pair stepped out to attend the In the Style and Warner Bros. afterparty together after the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards and posed for pictures on the red carpet afterward as part of the In the Style and Warner Bros. afterparty.

On July 7, 2013, Emma Roberts Was Arrested And Charged With Domestic Violence

According to reports, a domestic violence incident led to Roberts’ arrest in Montreal. Roberts was taken into custody after an argument was heard between the couple.

In the opinion of representatives, it was a misunderstanding and an unfortunate incident. However, as a result of Ms. Roberts’ release from prison after questioning, she is working with her husband to move forward on their journey.

Emma Roberts Is Proposed To By Evan Peters In January 2014

While on vacation in New York in January 2014, Roberts and Peters got engaged. Her ring was made of rose gold and diamonds by Peters. In celebration of the New Year, the pair traveled to London.

The Engagement Of Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Was Called Off In June 2015

After three years together, Peters and Roberts broke up after calling it quits after three years of being together, breaking up on June 12, 2015, according to a report by PEOPLE. According to an insider with close ties to Roberts, the split was due to personal reasons.

Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Dined Together On August 23, 2015

On August 23, 2015, it was reported that Roberts and Peters were seen eating with one another two months after they had split up. Their smiling faces can be seen in the photos as they walk together. Still, there was no indication that any of them were anything but spiritual after leaving the Izakaya restaurant in West Hollywood.

A Photo Of Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Holding Hands Was Taken On September 4, 2015

A photograph of Roberts and Peters holding hands on September 4, 2015, sparked rumors that the two had reconciled. They walked together as they left Beverly Center, an upscale shopping center in the Los Angeles area.

A Date Between Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Took Place On November 18, 2015

In November 2015, Roberts and Peters dined at Roku, a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, where they enjoyed a delicious meal. An insider told People magazine at the time that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters appeared to be back together, according to a source. The two of them went on a date to Roku last night. Hugs were given, hands were held, laughter and smiles were shared, and great hugs were exchanged.

The New Year Was Celebrated By Emma Roberts And Evan Peters On January 1, 2016

Peters and Roberts took a trip to Malibu during the New Year’s holiday to celebrate the new year. During the holidays, Roberts and her former fiancé booked a beachfront property on Airbnb for $4,500 a night to enjoy the holidays together.

Another Date Is Spotted Between Emma Roberts And Evan Peters On January 6, 2016

It is no secret that Roberts and Peters are still unconfirmed as a couple, but they were spotted on another date on Friday, January 6, 2016. The two even had dinner together at the Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, which further sparked rumors that they had fallen in love.

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Go Instagram Official On March 17, 2016

Despite the rumors, Roberts has issued an Instagram post clarifying that there is no misunderstood relationship between her and Peters. At the top of a hike, they are holding hands in the photo. Added an emoji of a heart to the post’s caption, Roberts confirmed that the couple was back together again.

Evan Peters Declared His Love For Emma Roberts On October 1, 2016

In an interview with Yahoo News, Peters talked about his relationship with Roberts at the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel. In his statement to reporters, he said she is a great person. When asked about their relationship status, a thumbs up was given, indicating that they were still together.

The Emma Roberts-Evan Peters Relationship Ended Again In May 2016

According to reports, Roberts and Peters separated once again in May 2016. However, the two were dating when it was discovered that Roberts had been spotted with Christopher Hines, an aspiring documentary filmmaker.

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Reunited On November 25, 2016

There was a sense that Roberts and Peters were on the right path when the fall of 2016 rolled around. TMZ reports that according to their website, the couple was spotted cuddling in Provincetown, MA, while shopping, according to their website.

Happy Birthday, Evan Peters, From Emma Roberts On January 20, 2017

As Peters celebrated 30 years of age on January 20, 2017, Roberts congratulated him on his achievement. ‘Happy birthday to the guy who took me from the Colosseum to our hotel because my feet hurt,’ was the message she wrote alongside a photo of her sitting on Peter’s back. “Happy 30, my love ❤️.”

The Engagement Between Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Was Broken Off On March 20, 2019


In March of this year, it was revealed by PEOPLE Magazine in an article that Peters and Roberts had called off their engagement for the remainder of their lives after seven years of dating. In the same month, Roberts was also seen kissing actor Garrett Hedlund for the first time.

A Breakup With Evan Peters Was Discussed By Emma Roberts On May 6, 2019

As part of her Cosmopolitan magazine cover interview in June 2019, Roberts revealed that she has separated from Peters. “I think no matter who you are or what you do or where you are in the world, anything that ends is hard. Losing something is hard,” she said to the news outlet.

While they are going through ups and downs, they are doing well. Let us wish them the best of luck in the future. What do you think of the chemistry between the couple? Please tell us what you think by leaving a comment comments.

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