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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson WWE Trading Cards Break Record, Sell For A Staggering $126,000

Dwayne Johnson has a hefty price tag on his legacy, and the same can be reflected by the recent sale of a “one-of-a-kind” trading card, featuring him, which sold for a staggering $126,000. As the 2022 Panini WWE Black Prizm parallel, becomes the highest-selling WWE trading card, its winning bidder now owns one of a kind piece of memorabilia.

Dwayne Johnson’s Trading Card Sale Breaks Hulk Hogan’s Record

A rare and unique WWE trading card, featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson, sold for a staggering $126,000. The 2022 Panini Prizm WWE Black Prizm parallel, has now become of of the most expensive cards ever sold.

It forms part of the first  Panini WWE Prizm trading card set ever released after the iconic company acquired the exclusive rights to produce WWE trading cards in 2022 from Topps. “This is arguably the best WWE trading card in existence,” said Jesse Craig, Vice President of Sales at PWCC. “Cards like this rarely surface for public sale since they are so scarce.”

Craig added, “When scarcity outweighs public demand, you see record prices. This was the perfect combination to drive that demand.” This sale has broken Hulk Hogan’s rookie card record. The rare card features Dwayne Johnson, hitting longtime rival ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin with the Rock Bottom.

Dwyane Johnson Might Not Return To Wrestling

Dwayne Johnson is a seven-time world champion, IC and Tag Team champion, who headlined our Wrestlemania (15-Austin, 16-Triple H, Big Show, Mankind, 17-Austin, 18-Hogan, all title matches except for 18 Icon vs Icon). Beating them all, The Rock changed the face of wrestling during his WWE career (1996-2004).

In January, there were rumors that The Rock may return to WrestleMania. He last appeared in WWE in 2019 on an episode of SmackDown. But again, the “Baywatch” actor has remained on an extremely busy schedule since his success in Hollywood.

Let’s not forget that the big guy has other business ventures like XLF. Since he is so busy giving fans back-to-back hits, his possible return to the wrestling world seems hazy. But again, even though Johnson bid farewell to WWE, his legacy continues to echo in the wrestling world.

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