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Duffer Brothers Gives Insight on Length & Writing of Strange Things Season 5

The Duffer Brothers Shed some light on the upcoming Stranger Things season. If you thought it was over, think again. Stranger Things Season 5 is one that we can’t wait to see.

And we can’t stop looking for more details after the incredible Season 4 finale. There are grumblings about what will happen in the next season, but that’s the whole point of a long-lengthy amazing ending.

Everyone was impressed by the fourth season’s length because it was all worthwhile. It kept spectators engaged from beginning to end. It’s time to move on to something far more impressive. Let’s talk about the upcoming season’s runtime and some writing details.

Here’s Why Season 5 Of Stranger Things Will Be Shorter Than Season 4

Season 4’s episode length was phenomenal, but it won’t be the same this time. Because the Duffer Brothers recently revealed in an interview with an outlet that the episode length for Season 5 will be whittled down.

Because they’re wrapping up the show, the fifth and final season will be longer than the first season. But it will be shorter than the previous one.

Matt Duffer explained, “We thought Season 4 was going to be eight [episodes], and they were going to be regular length. So if you had interviewed us before four, that’s what I would’ve said. I think we’re aiming for eight again.

We don’t want it to be 13 hours. We’re aiming for more like 10 hours or something. I think it’s going to be longer than Season 1 because we just have so much to wrap up, but I don’t think it’s going to be as long as Season 4.”

Ross Duffer then added, “This season, for instance, it was two hours before our characters even realized the monster was killing people in Hawkins. They know what the threat is now, and so that will help speed it up.”

In another conversation with another outlet the brothers the length expectations of the show finale. The Duffer Brothers confidently predict that the series finale will be at least “two hours long.”

“The only reason we don’t expect it to be as long is that if you look at it, it’s almost a two-hour ramp-up before our kids really get drawn into the supernatural mystery,” Matt explained.

“You get to know them, you get to see them in their lives, what they’re struggling with, adapting to high school, and so forth. Steve’s trying to find a date, all of that. None of that obviously is going to be occurring in the first two episodes of [Season 5].”

Stranger Things Season 5 ‘Feel Different’

Matt continued to explain more about the upcoming season. “For the first time ever, we don’t wrap things up at the end of [Season] 4, so it’s going to be moving. I don’t know that it’s going to be going 100 miles an hour at the start of 5, but it’s going to be moving pretty fast.

Characters are already going to be in action. They’re already going to have a goal and a drive, and I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this season feel really different.”

The Duffer Brothers Joked About The Series Finale Ending

The duo joked about the series finale being, “Return of the King-ish.” And then also added that it will be like “like, eight endings.”

They precisely said, “I’m sure the wrap-up will be a lot longer, it’s going to be Return of the King-ish with, like, eight endings”.

“We wanna go back to a lot of the things we did in Season 1,” Matt said. “A lot of the original groupings and pairings that we had in Season 1 – there’s something nice about coming full circle.”

Season 5 will also take place entirely in Hawkins according to reports. 

Insight On Stranger Things Season 4 Writing Process

Aside from all of the speculations, spectators are quick to grasp when season 5 will begin writing. And, thankfully, there are updates on that as well. The team is taking a month off and will most likely return in August.

Ross Duffer stated, “We’re going to take a little vacation in July. And then we’re going to come back. I know that the writer’s room is going to start in that first week of August.”

The Duffer Brothers also stated that they’ve planned the 2 seasons as a whole rather than just one.

“We had all the scripts before we started shooting, so we could look at the whole thing as a whole. And we outlined all five. So it really is four and five or like of a piece, and this was due to the six-month hiatus that we had due to the pandemic.

So we don’t typically have as much time. It usually feels like the train is going down the tracks and Ross and I and our writers are just throwing down the track as we’re going, once we’re halfway through the season.

And for the first time ever, we were able to look at it globally, not just Season Four, but Season Five as well.”

Ross also commented on the series’ ending issue.

“It’s dangerous as a writer to be writing hours and hours and not know where you’re going. I’d rather leave some of that middle journey vague and fuzzy.”

“But so long as you know where that destination is, it sort of gives you that clarity. It’s like that lighthouse blinking in the distance … while a lot of Season 5 is actually pretty blurry, the last 30 minutes of it are pretty clear in our heads.

So if we can make the journey entertaining, I think that we have an end that will hopefully satisfy. You can’t satisfy everyone, but the hope is that it’s something that feels right for this story.”

Stranger Things Season 4 Will Begin Filming Next Year

David Harbour addressed the issue of the finale season’s release date to an outlet. He stated that the season will most likely begin filming next year and will most likely be released in 2024.

“I think we’ll [shoot] next year. They’re finishing writing it this year, and they need to prep and stuff, so hopefully, it’ll be this year. But I think that’s the plan. So it’d probably come out mid-2024, based on our track record.”

Sink told an outlet regarding the unclear fate of Max after season four ended.

“I have no idea what’s coming in five and what that looks like. Max’s storyline is very up in the air, ’cause obviously, she’s in a coma and Eleven can’t find her in the void. So who knows where she is and what state she’s in.”

There will be more updates as the season begins production. Meanwhile, feel free to share your predictions for the upcoming season.

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