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Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 New Release Date, Trailer and Plot

Netflix did an exemplary job while adapting the 2013 MOBA video game Dota 2. As a result, the fans adored the remarkable efforts of Studio Mir and Kaiju Boulevard. However, Season 1 left us on a cliffhanger with multiple questions in mind. Good for us, Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 is releasing soon. Hence, it’s just a matter of time until we witness the ultimate fantasy fiction again.

No sooner did Season 1 end in March 2021, than Netflix confirmed the 2nd season on April 19th, 2021. Furthermore, Netflix informed us that the anime’s second season will premiere in January 2022. At the same time, we didn’t have an exact date. On December 9th, a new trailer confirmed the release date for Season 2.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 New Release Date

Previously, Netflix had confirmed the release date for the 2nd Season to be January 6th, 2022. However, the series got delayed due to unknown circumstances. Worry not, you won’t have to wait much longer since Book 2 will premiere in January 2022 itself.

After an official update, the 2nd season will air on January 18th, 2022. Let’s see how the second season performs. Since the first one put more emphasis on Selemene and Invoker, fans would love to see the main characters with some more action.

Netflix Displays An Exhilarating Trailer For Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 2

Netflix has officially announced the 2nd Season as Book 2. Moreover, the platform has bestowed an enigmatic trailer that flaunts the astounding storyline of the anime. Not only do we see the aftermath of season 1, but we also get a glimpse of another vibrant season. Hopefully, this trailer grasps your attention towards the anime.

What To Expect From Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 2?

The first season had a tremendous run. Also, it offered an in-depth storyline that could’ve covered multiple paths. As a result, there were a substantial number of cliffhangers we witnessed in the last episode. Let’s discuss what we can expect from the events of season 1.

Invoker Enacts His Revenge On Selemene

Certainly, the first season focussed more on the Goddess Selemene and Elf Invoker. Due to Terrorblade’s assistance, Invoker has now finally cornered Selemene. Now, he has the choice to kill her or to take away her powers. Seeing how this revenge plays out will be quite dramatic.

Selemene meeting Invoker

How Many More Eldwurm Souls Will Terrorblade Acquire?

At present, Terrorblade has acquired the Earth Soul. However, there are still 7 more to go. Since Terrorblade’s deal with Invoker has come to a successful end, the demon may get the Water Soul from the elf’s hands. Lastly, Terrorblade will surely obtain some of the other remaining souls in Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 2.


Will Davion Learn How To Control Slyark?

The protagonist has got a lot on his plate. Although Davion turns into a powerful Slyark form, he loses self-control. However, Season 2 may feature Davion successfully controlling Slyark’s powers against Terrorblad.

As of now, Netflix is set to release Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2/Book 2 from January 18th, 2022. Hopefully, we won’t get any further delay.

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