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Doc Martin Season 10: Cast, Release Date and Updates

The last season of Doc Martin aired almost two years ago, and viewers have been eagerly anticipating its return. Season 10 was scheduled to premiere in 2021, according to our knowledge. However, filming has been postponed, which is probably not good news. It means we’ll have to wait longer, but the wait will be worthwhile.

When Martin Ellingham, a surgeon, suffers hemophilia, he flees London and establishes a practice in the tranquil village of Portwenn. His lack of social skills, on the other hand, makes him unattractive with the general public. Doc Martin’s interactions with the local Cornish villagers are the main emphasis of the show.

Doc Martin Season 10 : Renewed Or Cancelled?

Well, there will undoubtedly be a Season 10 of Doc Martin; the series was not released in 2021 as planned, but owing to certain delays, Season 10 will not be aired this year, but it will undoubtedly be renewed. The show’s season 10 will begin filming in 2021 hopefully. And it will be released by 2022, after 16 years on television. So all we have to do now is wait for an official confirmation on the release date, and in the meantime, you may catch up on the series’ prior seasons.

Doc Martin Season 10 ‘Finale’ Of The Series?

Yes, after nearly 20 years on television, the creators have decided it’s time to bring the highly popular drama to a conclusion. Martin Clunes, the primary actor, said in an interview, “We have loved making nine series of Doc Martin. When we launched the series in 2004 we could never have imagined how much our loyal viewers would take to the grumpy Doc as they have. The series has avid fans both in the UK and throughout the world.”

Adding, “We are thrilled that Doc Martin has topped the ratings every time. However, after sixteen years we now feel that the time has come to say goodbye. We will be making the tenth and final series in 2021. We are very much looking forward to returning to Cornwall to film it.”

Also, “All good things have to come to an end,” remarked star actor Martin Clunes in September 2020. Although it is unfortunate that the series is coming to an end, the final season looks to be even better.

Doc Martin Season 10 Upcoming Cast

The main characters will obviously return . And we can’t wait to see them in the upcoming season, which includes :

  • Martin Clunes – Dr Martin Ellinghman
  • Caroline Catz – Louisa Ellingham
  • Ian McNeice – Bert Large
  • Joe Absolom – Al Large
  • Selina Cadell – Sally Tishell

Not only that, but we anticipate seeing a significant number of regular cast members, as well as possibly some newcomers.

Doc Martin Season 10 : What Will Happen Next?

Spoiler Alert!

If you’ve seen the previous season, you’ll know that it ended on a cliffhanger, which is another reason why we’re excited for the new season. Doc Martin is put through his final Assisted Surgery assessment for the General Medical Council. Will the drama’s final cliffhanger and Louisa’s difficult marriage be revealed? Is it possible that the couple will end up in tears? We have a lot of questions, and we’ll get answers in the coming season. Stay Tuned With Us!

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  1. BEST EVER series on tv. I have loved this series so much!! Can’t stand to see it end. Such a great loving series. Thank you all for making it happen and I realize that over ten years doing this can be a trial but I wish it would go on forever!!! Thank you to all the wonderful cast that made it happen!!!! ❤️Love you ALL!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely love the Doc Martin TV series here in New Zealand. Martin Clunes acts the part brilliantly backed by an excellent cast. Visited Port Issac in 2015 and it was a magic experience. Had a cornish pastie and a pint at the pub.

  3. Why can’t it continue past 10, its not like THIS TIME OFF has eliminated viewer wanting its,return?
    And, its given plenty of time for refreshing story lines.
    How do cast regular’s just sit & wait.??

    Please do not STOP IT ALL!!!

  4. I ran across Doc Martin one day searching for something “English” to watch. I was hooked after the first episode. I have recommended it to my friends and they love it too. Great writing, great acting. I don’t know how the actors can keep a straight face sometimes. Can’t wait for the much anticipated last season but hate to see the show end. There’s no one quite like Doc Martin.

  5. Ms. Bosnia, thank you for your overall “well written” article. However, as already pointed out, you incorrectly report Doc suffers from homophobia – but meant to write hemophilia! Simple mistake – but in 2021 there is a politically active right wing segment that want to push gays back into the closet – and off al public media. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see anti-gay fanatics read your article and tell their followers to boycott Doc Martin series on the misunderstanding that Doc is secretly gay!

  6. I pray they change their minds and keep this wonderful, beautiful and intriguing show stay with us. Like so many others, during this pandemic TV has been my saving grace. I have watched everything I could find interesting (and some not so interesting) and uplifting and Doc Martin is my favorite. I sure hope the powers that be will find a way at keeping this enduring show on the air. I can see so many more storylines coming up. 🥰

  7. I just love Doc Martin. I live in Philadelphia, Penna. USA
    I also bought the 1 to 9 series and watch it constantly. I can’t wait for series 10. I will buy that show too.
    I love all the cast. They each play a part which helps the show move along smoothly. Martin Clunes is so handsome. Louisa is beautiful. Ian McNeice and his son on the show are so warm and caring with each other. Ms. Tishell is funny. I love all of them. Please, make the series 10 asap.

  8. I watch Doc Martin, its always on for me, when I need a break from this crazy world, for me always buy the the shows you really like, have all 9 season in the cloud, when I need it. Very excited about season 10. I’m Dennis in Las Vegas

  9. I discovered it a year ago and liked it so much I went out and bought the full set, so I know the plot of each episode almost by heart. Much as I regret it I think series 10 will have to be the last. The storyline only covers about five years but as it’s been on for 16 years the characters, like the rest of us are ageing at the normal rate.

  10. I introduced my husband to Doc Martin last year and we binge watched it during lots of downtime during the Covid-19 pandemic. He loves it, too! We are anxiously awaiting Season 10 and seeing all our favorite characters again!

  11. I love DocMartin and I love to watch all the cast I get tickled at them.Im looking forward to season 10. I have all season Lords willing I’m planning on purchasing it when it comes available. Thanks for the enjoyment. GOD BLESS

  12. One of the most engaging BBC shows to ever grace our TV screens! There isn’t an emotion that isn’t depicted in every single script. Between the charm, pathos, humor and drama it elicits a borderline euphoria in the heart and mind. It is beautifully nuanced and totally uplifting. Superbly acted with magnificent scenery. PLEASE don’t stop making new shows!

  13. Oh PLEASE keep filming Doc Martin even after season 10! I discovered it by accident on KET (Kentucky Educational Television) and then found Acorn to stream it on, season’s 1-9. I am on season 6 right now, re-watching the entire series. I sure wish they would keep on filming, at least 20 seasons (or more)! Me and my husband love it here in rural Kentucky USA❤️

  14. I am a Doc Martin groupie. This series is phenomenal. Seldom do we have such a treat. Please don’t stop!!!! By the way, I am 72 years old.


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