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Disney Plus Premier Access: Will it Get More Releases?

Disney Plus introduced a new purchase option called “Disney Plus Premier Access” last fall with the release of Mulan in September 2020. This new feature allowed users to enjoy the latest releases from the comfort of their home, without having to go to a theatre.

This feature provided exclusive access to the latest cinematic releases from Walt Disney Studios. Some of the most prominent names that became a part of this service included Mulan, Cruella, Jungle Cruise, Raya and the Last Dragon, etc.

Viewers loved the service as they could watch the latest Disney movies for an affordable price and without any COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Find out what exactly is Disney Plus Premier Access, how much did it cost, and will it continue to get more releases.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

Disney Plus Premier Access is a purchase option for Disney Plus subscribers that allow them to gain early streaming access to the latest releases that are still playing in theatres. Subscribers only need to pay a one-time fee to acquire permanent streaming access for a particular movie.

This feature allows Disney to sell movies through its streaming service. However, a single purchase works only for a single movie. For instance, if you buy Mulan, you can only stream or download Mulan for as long as you are a Disney+ subscriber.

You will not be able to unlock, stream, and download any other Disney+ movie like the Jungle Cruise, Cruella, etc.

Disney+ Premier Access is like a virtual ticket to the latest Disney movies to watch them at home while they are playing in the theatre. The only difference is you can play them as many times as you wish.

Another point to note is that Disney+ Premier Access movies eventually become available to Disney+ subscribers for free. This takes around 60 to 90 days depending on the movie. So, you’re only paying the extra fee to acquire early streaming access.

How much does Disney Plus Premier Access cost?

You need to buy Disney+ Premier Access for an individual movie separately. You cannot buy access for all of them at once. A single Disney Plus Premier Access title costs USD $29.99 / GBP £19.99 / AUD $34.99 / EUR €21.99 depending on where you reside.

You will also need a Disney+ subscription in order to use the Premier Access feature. So, you should also consider its cost here. A Disney Plus monthly subscription currently costs USD $7.99 / GBP £7.99 / AUD $11.99 / EUR €8.99.

The overall cost is still lower than two theatre tickets and a bucket of popcorn for certain regions. Plus, you get additional things to watch on Disney Plus.

How to get Disney Plus Premier Access?

Getting Premier Access for any movie on Disney+ is fairly simple. You will need an active Disney+ subscription though. You can follow these steps to get Premier Access on  Disney Plus:

  1. Open a browser, visit this link, and log in to your Disney+ account.
  2. Now browse the library to find movies offering Premier Access.
  3. When a movie is available, select it, and click on “Unlock Now.”
  4. Enter your payment information to proceed with the purchase.
  5. Complete the checkout and the movie will be unlocked.

That’s it. You have now gained Premier Access for a particular Disney+ movie. You can now stream or download it as many times as you wish, as long as you are a Disney+ subscriber.

What Movies were released with Disney Plus Premier Access?

Disney rolled out the Premier Access feature due to the global COVID-19 pandemic which restricted people from going out and watching movies in the theatres. The first movie that was released with the feature was Malan, and the last one is Jungle Cruise, for now.

Here is a list of all the movies that were initially released with Disney Plus Premier Access:

Movie Premier Access release date Release Date for All Disney+ Subscribers
Mulan September 4, 2020 November 4, 2020
Raya and the Last Dragon March 5, 2021 June 4, 2021
Cruella May 28, 2021 August 27, 2021
Black Widow July 9, 2021 October 6, 2021
Jungle Cruise July 30, 2021 November 12, 2021

Eventually, all the movies become available to Disney+ subscribers. So, if you can wait for a couple of months, you can save $30.

Is Disney Plus Premier Access Going Away?

Jungle Cruise was the fifth and final title to release with Disney Plus Premier Access on July 30, 2021, just a few days after Black Widow. For the rest of 2021, no new movies were released with the feature as the world started opening and people were able to visit theatres again.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ruled the box office for the Labor Day weekend. So, it is likely that the Premier Access feature on Disney+ is going away, at least for now. Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, says that “individual titles will be considered on a “case-by-case basis.”

This means that Disney+ is not going to release “all” Disney movies with the Premier Access feature enabled. It may only be available on certain titles. Going forward, Disney movies will go straight to the theatres.

General F.A.Q About Disney Plus Premier Access

Take a look at some frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) and their answers about Disney+ Premier Access.

  • Q: How many movies are available with Disney Plus Premier Access?

You only get one movie with Disney Plus Premier Access that you buy. It is a single charge per movie. You cannot unlock multiple movies with a one-time fee.

  • Q: What movie is coming next on Disney+ Premier Access?

As of now, there is no update available about which movie could be coming next with the feature. The future of the service is also unknown as theatres worldwide have opened again, and Disney movies are releasing there directly.

  • Q: How long does Disney+ Premier Access last?

Your Premier Access for any movie on Disney+ will last for as long as you are a Disney+ subscriber. There is no expiration date for premier access.

If you have any more questions about the service, you can put them down in the comments section. We’ll be glad to solve your doubts.

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