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Disenchantment Season 4: Release Date, Teaser and Updates

Netflix has a bundle of American adult animations that captivate the viewers. Also, Matt Groening is a distinguished creator of such animated sitcoms. Following the Simpsons and Futurama, which dealt with the present and future, Matt has targeted the medieval magical era with Disenchantment. Moreover, viewers admired how Netflix has presented the series since 2018. While the third season debuted on January 15th, 2021, the fans are eagerly sitting right for Disenchantment Season 4.

Nevertheless, Netflix would undoubtedly come up with the 4th season. Since the adult satirical fantasy animated sitcom has had a considerable impact on the community, Netflix won’t let this chance bounce off. Hence, here are all the details regarding Disenchantment Season 4.


Disenchantment Season 4: Everything We Know About It

Matt Groening’s fantasy animated series has been a hit since its release in 2018. Seeing an unorthodox rebellious, and alcoholic princess wreaking havoc while saving the world has been quite a view. On the one hand, Bean (The Main Lead) has supplied great humor content in the show. On the other hand, the series’ unique approach to medieval magic has scented the animated series with an adept storyline. At the same time, the unusual character designs of Matt Groening have added recognition to the series. Hence, the fans want to view Disenchantment Season 4 at the earliest time possible.

Trailer and Release Date:

Indubitably, Disenchantment has acquired a loving fandom. In addition, the Easter eggs Matt has added in the previous seasons have allured the spectators. However, Netflix hasn’t unveiled any trailer regarding Season 4. Apart from all the popularity, Netflix releases the trailer of its original series a couple of months before the official release date.

Since Netflix has released each season within a year, Disenchantment Season 4 will likely premiere in 2022. However, the third one got delayed due to the pandemic. In comparison, the script for next season is ready. Hence, the fans won’t have to wait that long. Additionally, they should gear up to see the final season of their beloved animated series.

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The Cast of Disenchantment Season 4

While some voice actors will return to play their corresponding roles, some may not. Since Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement, no one can undoubtedly uncover the cast of season 4. However, most of the actors return to play their roles. Thus, with the data of the previous season, the actors that are most likely to return for Disenchantment Season 4 are:

  • Maurice LaMarche as Odval
  • Abbi Jacobson being Bean
  • Sharon Horgan as Queen Dagmar
  • Nat Faxon as Elfo
  • Tress MacNeille as Queen Oona
  • Eric André as Luci
  • John DiMaggio as King Zøg
  • Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer

Nonetheless, the animated series will undoubtedly have 10 episodes in the fourth season. All the previous seasons are available on Netflix. The length of each episode ranges from 27-36 minutes. Hence, each season is open to be binge-watched. The medieval fantasy animated series is worth a watch. Let’s see what Disenchantment Season 4 provides to the viewers.

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  1. This cannot be the end of Disenchantment. I literally love this series. Luci is obviously my favorite character, but also B and Elfo are awesome, too. The series is my escape from the world, please don’t make this it’s last debut. 🙁

  2. Nooooooo, only 4 seasons! 🥺😥
    I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW, there should be atleast 10 to 15 seasons of it, please extend, please ,please, PLEASE!!


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