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Did Naomi Osaka and Cordae Split? Rumor Explored

Has tennis superstar Naomi Osaka and her boyfriend Cordae called it quits? At the moment, the air is filled with the breakup rumors of the couple. The rumors state that the two of them are heading for a splitsville.

Naomi and Cordae started dating nearly three years ago but they made their relationship official in 2021. Continue reading further to know the relationship status of the tennis champion and her rapper boyfriend.

Did Naomi and her boyfriend Cordae break up?

Osaka’s latest tweet has left her fans pondering whether the tweet put out by her a few hours ago is her way of addressing the breakup rumors that state she and her beau Cordae have broken up.

Not long ago, the tennis champ tweeted, “People really just believe anything and run with whatever lol”. Her tweet came out a couple of hours after she and Cordae began trending on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

As of now, neither Naomi nor Cordae have made any official comment on the split rumors that have been swirling in the air. Let us tell you the two of them are still following each other on the social media platform Instagram.

How did the fans react to the split rumors of Naomi and Cordae?

One user wrote, “Naomi Osaka and Cordae breaking up proves that the only thing that’s real is J. Cole going triple platinum with no features.” Another user tweeted, “Naomi Osaka must’ve left Cordae. Nigga gained 40 pounds and bought a Velcro beard.”

Followed by a user who penned, “Not y’all spreading rumors about Naomi Osaka and Cordae like this all off one unverified tweet pls”  A user went on to say, “I usually don’t care about celebrity relationships, but imma need Cordae to get his girl back Naomi Osaka and him were supposed to be the next black power duo.”

A fan responded to Osaka’s tweet and wrote, “Naomi Osaka and Cordae breakup rumors were trending hard on Tuesday. Now, Naomi is subliminally denying that there’s any truth to her and Cordae splitting up. They’ve been together for over two years now.”

These were a few reactions of the netizens to the breakup rumors of Naomi and Cordae.

Naomi and Cordae have kept their relationship private

Yes, you read that right. Osaka and Cordae have kept their relationship away from the spotlight. After making their relationship official, the two of them were seen making public appearances at events and they even began posting pictures with each other on social media.

During an interview with GQ, Cordae said, “We were dating for almost a year before people knew about us. So we kind of move very reclusively. We don’t really post intimate moments, because I feel as though they’re sacred. A relationship is really a sacred thing. Once you let outside influences get into it, it becomes less sacred.”

Do you think Naomi and Cordae have broken up? Kindly let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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