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Did Money Heist Live Upto The Expectations?

At last, at last, at last! At ‘December 3rd,’ the excitement we’d all been waiting for had arrived. Money Heist Part 2 was finally released and a lot of things happened! Did you all watch it, or did you skip it? Some of you may have seen it, while others may not have.

If you were unable to watch due to some this this reasons, don’t worry. In this article, I’ll tell you if Money Heist met the audience’s expectations or not. And also there are some spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk. Personally, I loved how the show ended. It was pretty satisfactory!

What Actually Happened At The Conclusion Of Money Heist?

To be honest, the ending of the money heist was incredible! We were all convinced that the professor would discover a way out and will escape from the cops without them knowing. However, this is not the case! Allow me to inform you about what happened.

Their operation’s leader, the Professor, has surrendered to the authorities, and their mission appears to have failed. When The Professor surrenders inside a bank, Tamayo interrogates him about the whereabouts of the gold before capturing him.

He also enumerates the slew of offences that have been levelled against his club. In exchange for telling him where the gold is, he/she would be offered a life of freedom and won’t be arrested. (Whole crew of Proffesor was held captive inside the bank).

Everything seemed to be coming to an end, and felt that Professor was going to lose, but keep reading! Never underestimate the professor’s intellect. He broadcasts a video to the globe revealing how he defrauded the Royal Bank of Spain, and the stock market plummets as a result.

After that the cops try to find out where the gold is from Denver who seemed pretty frustrated. Come on guys, we all trust Denver! He wouldn’t reveal anything about the whereabouts! And the cops plan fails and Denver is given over to the cops outside the Bank of Spain.

Where’s The Gold?

Alicia, on the other hand, embarks on a quest to locate the gold. Which she discovers hidden is basically in a private garden, which were hidden by Rafael and Tatiana! (Yes, we thought Rafael will be a rescue for the team, but he was rather a trouble).

Rafael basically gives the gold back because something was written on the paper which Professor gave to Alicia! Well, and that’s definitely the number of share he’s going to get.

In the meanwhile, Tamayo tortures the Professor, and all of professor attempts to sway him to his side fails. As a result, the professor hands over the gold to the police in front of the Spanish bank.

The gold, however, turns out to be painted brass, and the whole thing was a huge ruse. Can you imagine? It’s all about the Illusion!

Tamayo, forced into a corner and frustrated, doesn’t want the country’s stock market to implode, so he concedes defeat and enables Spain to restore towards a more stable financial foundation, by pretending the gang was slain in the aftermath.

And they all are free by the cops itself! The cops didn’t get the gold, but they had to save the country from bankruptcy! And Professor’s calculations and faith was accurate as usual!

Wasn’t it amazing? Obviously it was! In addition to what I previously stated, “We were all convinced that the professor would discover a way out and will escape from the cops without them knowing… However, this is not the case!”

Wasn’t I right that they wouldn’t be able to flee without the cops knowing? Because eventually they managed to flee with the help of the cops only. Hehe!

Did Money Heist Live Upto The Expectations?

Obviously, yes! It was a fantastic and surprising conclusion. The professor informed the colonel that “we both can win,” but as time went on, it became clear that the colonel was simply defeated, and the professor was victorious. Though it felt like they both won, Tamayo saved the country from Bankruptcy but lost the gold. And what did Proffesor had to lose? Nothing!

Another great things is that Alicia finally understood that the Professor is actually a great person!

So the series that we’ve all been waiting to see comes to an end, and it’s finally over. You can share your viewpoints regarding the ending of this show in the comment section below!

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