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Did Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby Hinted Permanent ‘Split’ This Time?

Another Day, Another Celebrity Breakup.

Is it true that their relationship has come to an end this time?

As we all know, Lill Baby and Jayda’s relationship always seems to hit snags, but this time it appears to be a ‘permanent one.

The model/entrepreneur has shared a series of photos and videos on Instagram that have convinced people that she and the rapper are no longer together.

Despite the fact that Lil Baby and Jayda’s relationship has been dogged by rumors since the beginning, the rumored couple has a three-year-old kid named Loyal Armani.

Fans have always been perplexed by their connection, but what if this is truly the end? Followers have voiced their opinions, and we also have some extra gossip for you. Here’s everything we know about it.

Jayda Cheaves Posts Badass Stories Related To Lil’Baby

Jayda appears to be in her CEO-girl mode, as she shares stories related to Lil’Baby. She literally hinted at a lot of things without mentioning his name. First, it was kind of confusing, but later Lil Baby also posted something as an indirect hint.

I’m finally standing up,” she wrote, accompanied by a clapping gif.

She also added “Be Happy” to the next story, saying that “Everything comes to an end. And to never force it.”

Not only this, she stated more: “I’m willing to X anybody out for my happiness and peace” with the “I gotta put me first” meme playing on the story.

“I post my own [tea] so I can clown myself before I get clowned. Cuz shiddddd it’s cold out here. Ion knows how this [sh*t] gon go. Have a beautiful day everyone,” she continued.

After The Shade Room published Jayda’s posts, she added another reassurance in the comments area.

Jayda added, “I’m fr y’all LMFAO we ain’t gon talk about it. You’ll see,” says the entrepreneur.

Lil’Baby Seems To Answer Back

As shown by his Instagram story, the rapper seems to answer back to Jayda’s stories. Lil’Baby posted a story of him dancing and captioning it with “When A MF Think They Can Play With Me” alluding to Jayda indirectly.

But but but Jayda replied directly in a now-deleted-post and said: “Think they can play with you? LMFAO you played with me for 6 years straight. I text a n*gga back now your chest hurt, bye”

Team Jayda Cheaves & Team Lil Baby Is New Trending Talk On Twitter

Now that everything’s been going on, people have taken sides on Twitter. Some individuals are supporting Jayda Cheaves and they’re happy that she’s finally taking a stand for herself.

And others are supporting Lil Baby. Let’s explore some tweets by followers.

A supporter of Lil’Baby said: “y’all hype Jayda Cheaves up every time she says she ‘done’ with that man (the skull emoji) she’ll be back with a new car and 4 birkins”

A supporter of Jayda said replying to a hate comment: “Y’all wanted her to stand up now she standing up and y’all doubting her stfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu #jaydacheaves #jaydawayda”

Another Jayda supporter said: “BITCH I’m so mf proud of #jaydacheaves”

Some other tweets wrote: “Ni***s don’t like when you feed them the spoon they fed you!! Naw bring yo ass here boy it’s time to eat..”

“They play tooooooo much #lilbaby #jaydacheaves #viral Jayda ain’t having nun of that tho. SHE STOOD DF UP”

I’m waiting on fashion nova to send a message saying “CITY GIRLS UP, JAYDA GOT HER LICK BACK. HERE’S 40% OFF ON ALL ITEMS” (with laughing emoji)

While some people are making a meme about their relationship: “Jayda and Lil Baby 2 weeks after she breaks up with him (laughing emoji).”

Some other said: “(Laughing emoji) Jayda and Lil baby on they bm bd shit”

What are your thoughts on their recent hatred towards each other? Do you think it’s the end of their relationship this time?

Don’t forget to drop your views in the comments section below.

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