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Did Andrew Garfield Break Up with Her Girlfriend Alyssa Miller?

Celebrities breaking up isn’t a new update, right? But we felt concerned to write about our favorite celebrity splitting up. And this break-up would probably break your heart too.

Andrew Garfield’s girlfriend and he have ended their relationship. Yes, Andrew Garfield, who made us believe we’d be Spider-Man if we were bitten by a spider in the same way he was.

Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, have recently broken up due to a common reason that every couple goes through these days, which is terrible to hear but not new to hear.

The amazingly talented actor has been nominated for two Academy Awards and two British Academy Film Awards. He won several awards which include a Tony Award, a British Academy Television Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

Andrew Garfield, who has made a number of women fall in love with him, appears to have not even spared Alyssa Miller at no cost.

For those who aren’t aware, Alyssa Miller is an American model who, like her ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield, is well-known.

She has done print and runway work for a number of well-known brands, and she has undoubtedly rocked in each of them.

It appears that her career and his ex-boyfriend’s career, Andrew Garfields, have caused some disturbance in their relationship, resulting in their breakup.

Let’s delve into their personal lives, as we always do since, after all, who can live without knowing the real reason?

Why Did Andrew Garfield And Alyssa Miller Call It Quits? 

That’s actually kind of something we’ve heard before. A source revealed some intriguing details regarding this celebrity ex-couple. And as always we got it in our hands, and we definitely wanted to share it with you guys.

According to the sources, their relationship was initially great and going smoothly. But they eventually realized they had some problems and thought they were better off going their separate ways.

The statement reads, “They were together for quite some time before they went public, but work schedules mean it has been really hard to see each other.”

Adding, “On top of that, it became clear that there were some differences between them, and it was decided they are better off apart, for now at least.”

The insider also stated that Andrew was disappointed that he wasn’t able to share his joy at winning the awards with someone he loves deeply. But he made an effort to be upbeat and celebrate his own happiness.

The insider mentioned, “It was disappointing for Andrew because he’d have loved to have shared the excitement of the awards season with someone he loved, but it just wasn’t supposed to be.”

That’s definitely heartbreaking for us too. But the pair is mature enough to talk it out and be friends hopefully. Both of them haven’t said anything at the moment. But if they do, we got you covered.

Some Cute Moments Andrew And Alyssa Shared Together

Before ending the piece let’s talk about our favorite duo. Andrew and Alyssa were always caught holding hands outside or having fun on the tennis court when they were dating. So it appears that they truly loved each other.

Before Valentine’s Day, the couple was spotted visiting a tennis court in Malibu, where they displayed lots of cute romance.

The eyewitnesses stated how genuinely they were enjoying each other’s company and weren’t faking it.

“[They] were certainly happy in each other’s company and not hiding anything,” an eyewitness told an outlet.

And we will definitely miss seeing them together.

What do you think about this sudden breakup between these celebrities? Do you think they did right to take some time for themself and be separated from each other? Did you adore this couple?

Don’t forget to let us know your point of view, in the comments section below.

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