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Diane Warren to Receive an Honorary Oscar after 13 Nominations 

As someone said, 14th time’s the charm right?! It certainly is true for the legendary musician and songwriter Diane Warren who has incredibly entertained and put some of the iconic work in from of us over the years.

The Golden Globe winner of 2010-2011 has added various feathers to her sleeve rewarded as the most successful female artist in the UK.

The 65-year-old artist has her marks left everywhere including each nomination but certainly hasn’t reached her ultimate goal of grabbing an Oscar under her name. 

But the year 2022 has surprised a lot of us with its miracles and it’s time for Diane Warren to celebrate this year as her best career year as the good folks over Oscars have decided to honour the iconic artist with a special honorary award this year’s award ceremony.

Here’s everything you should know.

Diane Warren To Receive An Oscar After 13 Nominations 

The songwriter is responsible for bringing some of the biggest music hits. She grabbed her first nomination in 1988 with “nothing’s gonna stop us now” and that was just the beginning of a massive music career.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science announced on Tuesday that the legendary musician Diane Warren will receive an honorary award at the 13th Annual Governors Awards.

The Academy has also announced to honour actor Michael J. Fox, director Peter Weir and Euzhan Palcy to receive honorary awards. 

The selection of honorary awards has been made as the first task to be handled for the upcoming awards ceremony scheduled to take place on November 19th. 

Diane Warren’s nomination has come as a surprise to the audience as the songwriter has been nominated rigorously for 13 categories over the decade.

Warren is known for being the only female artist to be nominated the most times without winning an Oscar to date.

Fans across the fans are rooting for Warren’s notable nomination in the 13th Annual Governors Awards. 

Diane Warren Has Planned Her Oscars’ Place In Her Home Already

Daine who has been nominated for Oscars 13 times for the best original song category has finally made it to the award list with the honorary award this year.

According to a few sources who got in touch with her after the announcement broke, Warren revealed that she knew for a while but still shaking from the news.

She gave the credit to her father indicating that she got the news on Father’s Day and thanked his presence looking over her. 

She revealed where she is going to put her beloved Oscar. She has already decided on a place for the trophy in her house.

She revealed that the Oscar is going to add significant beauty to her piano table. The artist mentioned that she will have a look at it every single day.

Diane Warren is proud to have an Oscar after 13 tough nominations over the decade and she is going to praise each moment with it. 

The Annual Governors Awards are scheduled to take place on November 19th, 2022.

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