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Demon Slayer Season 2 Ending Explained

The long-awaited season 2 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is finally completed but it left way too many questions left unanswered. Many theories are circling the internet about Demon Slayer season 2 ending and we have some more to add to that list.

Absolute Bonkers Animation

Demon Slayer Season 2 was stacked with amazing animation that Demon Slayer season one or Mugen Train movie couldn’t match up to. But along with it, there was a pretty graceful and elegant story stitched along with the countless kimonos we saw in the season.

The last 6 episodes of Demon Slayer Season 2 were all action-packed masterpieces that graced our screens and lit the anime industry on fire. The fight was a delicacy to watch, and the back and forth between the two fighting forces was choreographed perfectly from start to end.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Ending Explained

The finale of Demon Slayer Season 2 culminates the entire plot of the season and it delivers perfectly. The episode wraps up the story of the two siblings, Daki and Gyutaro, as well as gives us glimpses of characters that are yet to come.

The episode starts with a shock to the system for Tanjiro and the team get to realize that Gyutaro still has something hidden as the last resort for his fights. The whole screen is covered in the blood art the blades of Gyotaro.

Then we get to know that Nezuko has recharged since the last time she fought Daki head to head and has saved everyone from the impending doom. Then the mood suddenly drops and amidst the smoke, we get to know that Tanjiro has woken up from the fight.

While Tanjiro recovers he recalls Zenitsu, Inosuke and Uzui who were visibly infected and brutally injured during the fight with Daki and Gyotaro. He runs on Nezuko’s shoulder to all the injured and along the way healing them through Nezuko’s Blood Art.

Tengen Uzui’s send Off

Uzui’s story arc is finished as he leaves the series in a historical sense with dignity and respect for his occupation and signs off as an ex-hashiras. He decides to lay down the boots for his wives as well as himself, living a peaceful and fulfilling life from this day foward.

Uzui’s story of achieving what he wanted to at the end of a job, which he adored and was excelling at, is a true inspiration to a lot of workaholics in the world, who would be able to pick up on all the metaphors that the story portrayed.

The Demon Siblings: Daki and Gyutaro

While on the other hand, the story of Daki and Gyotaro shaped up to be the best way they could have portrayed a complete contrast of the sister and brother relation Tanjiro and Nezuko have, as well as portraying the What If? the situation in a world where Tanjiro would have found himself also.

In the last episode, there is a big sequence between the two, in which they both repent their actions towards each other, and how it is their sibling they were ready to blame for their demise, instead of cherishing the moment they have together in their remaining life.

First Daki is gone from the battlefield, ash flying through the atmosphere and then the last remnants of Gyutaro take us back to a flashback, where a young Gyutaro, still human, find himself ostracized from the society of the Entertainment District who only aspires to beauty and elegance, rather than the ugly trash that Gyutaro was, but only in appearance.

Then Daki is born and their mother dies due to the birth, leaving the two siblings to fend off for themselves. In this situation, the more beautiful Daki takes up the role given to women in the Entertainment District and Gyutaro improvises in combat and becomes the collector in the Entertainment District.

This routine bids them well until Daki cuts off the eye of a misbehaving samurai during her work and this dominoes into Daki being killed by the samurai’s hand as well as Gyutaro being heavily injured but killing the samurai off.

Gyutaro takes the dying body of Daki and runs off to find no help among the people of Entertainment District and find the Upper Six Moon Demon, who offers them a way to live beyond their human lives and delve into demon hood.

Demon Afterlife

When the flashback ends, we see the still disintegrating head of Gyutaro tearing up for the way that their life has turned out, and blames his inability to instil proper manners and etiquette into his sister leading them to live as demons.

For the first time in the series, we see the liminal space between what seems like hell and heaven for demons, when Gyutaro wakes up after his ashes have flown into the sky. He looks around and finds a young Daki at his side.

After his whole monologue about running Daki’s life, he insists Daki live on her terms and leave the hand of her older brother and pursue the implicated bliss that is in front of them.

But Daki pushes him off and jumps on his back, just like Nezuko is always on Tanjiro’s back in the small cask that he made for her, further implementing the dualities present between the two sibling pairs, and they scurry off to the fiery blazes which imply a heavy sense of hell.

The Meaning behind Entertainment District Arc

Now, let’s take into account the reasons for such a short and clear story arc in a narrative that has such a strong build of characters, with unique personalities and motives to exist in this fantasy world? The answer to that could be the running themes present in this particular string of episodes.

The main motive of this arc was to showcase the biases that society has towards any district that is concerned with the entertainment of the region, societies in real life, could be Hollywood or Silicon Valley, where the bias comes from money and aesthetic pleasures.

This bias instils hierarchies that govern society into believing that the rich and powerful are untouchable and therefore should or could take up everything that you work for, as the example of Daki being killed and Gyutaro being injured.

Another one of the themes that this arc presented, was the meaning of retirement. In the Entertainment District, women who have grown old and weak are forced into retirement, rendering them helpless with no ways to earn, and this was counteracted perfectly through the display of Uzui hanging up his boots for Tanjiro and the gang to follow after him.

The Entertainment District Arc was beautiful and depicted the nightlife of the shogun period of Japan quite wonderfully. The colours, dialogues, aesthetics were all phenomenal and went to the way of showing how obsolete people are in a crowd, no matter how flamboyant or ugly they might be.

The Aftermath of the Fight

The fight that concluded after 6 episodes of unrivalled tension and stakes had some of the direst consequences since in the series till now. This is the first time that we see an Upper Moon Demon die.

The last time a demon who has any direct connections with Muzan Kibutsuji, the main antagonist, was killed, as in the Lesser One Moon Demon, Rui, a meeting was held. And as such the Upper Moon meeting is the first thing that the anime leaves us off.

For many fans, the ending was ruined because they weren’t able to witness the magnitude of all the Upper Moon Demons in one place, but this only goes to show you the magnitude of anticipation that every scene in the anime holds in the otaku sphere.

The other major thing that happened in the anime was the two opposite reactions to the fight’s conclusion among the Demon Slayer Association, on one side there is Obanai Iguro, the serpent pillar of the Association remarking that the killing of one Upper Moon Demon doesn’t make that big of a difference.

Whereas on the other hand, the head of the Demon Slayer Association, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, gets hyper-excited in his bed, where he seems to be afflicted with a deadly disease as he bleeds out while making excellent remarks about the job done by Tanjiro, Uzui and the whole group.

These conflicting reactions in the Association lead us to conclude that the difference in the power between the Hashira and Upper Moons has been for a very long time remained in a liminal space but with the up and comer Tanjiro and his sun-breathing abilities, things will alter in the coming days.

Season 3 Expectations

The hype for the next season of Demon Slayer is deafening and as so much has been set up by Demon Slayer season 2 ending, we don’t have to worry too much about the fate of the next season.

The teaser trailer has been released and we also covered the news about Demon Slayer season 3 release date, trailer and more just a few weeks ago.

For more intel and insights about Demon Slayer season 2 ending or the best of anime currently airing, check out The Teal Mango.

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