Award-winning actress Deepika Padukone opens up about her depression in an emotionally raw video for the Indian mental health organization The Live Love Laugh Foundation, which she founded.

Padukone’s story was first posted anonymously on The Live Love Laugh Foundation channel along with five other survivor stories two days ago. The videos blurred the participant’s faces while presenting the question “Should he/she be ashamed?” at the end of each video.

Today, for World Mental Health Day, the foundation has released all the videos with their faces and names uncovered to show those suffering from mental health that they should never be ashamed.

Using the tagline #NotAshamed, Padukone bravely shares the difficulties of living with depression to fight the stigmas around mental health in society. This video is the first time she has gone into such detail about her struggles. Padukone speaks of how difficult it is to even get out of bed to face the day and how she still fears the sound of the alarm clock every morning. She constantly worried about breaking down at any minute so she was hyper-aware of her surroundings. Her work would keep her days occupied but her fears never dissipated.

Padukone explains how she would even over-compensated for her sadness by trying to keep those around her happy even when she was hurting inside. It was exhausting faking her happiness around others and she emotionally shares how it would eat away at her.

Padukone didn’t know what to name how she felt but the actress knew it wasn’t right. With mental health not being at the forefront in our society, it never crossed her mind that she could have depression. Since being diagnosed with depression, Padukone has been open about her struggle, she remains a powerful advocate of mental health awareness.

The Live Love Laugh Foundation offers information about stress, depression and anxiety, educational resources like scholarly articles, community resources like local programs regarding mental health and even helps connect Indians with therapists.

The stigmas against mental health prevent people from speaking about their problems and getting the professional help they need. By sharing her story Padukone hopes to show all those suffering from mental health issues that she is #NotAshamed and they shouldn’t be either.


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