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Dead To Me Season 3: The Series Finale to Release this Fall

There aren’t many hurdles that can come between Kate and Tully, but not all friendships are formed on a good note.

Some friendships are the result of tragic circumstances like when a woman hits another woman’s husband with her car, leaves him for dead and then befriends the grieving widow in a grief support group.

Yes, you got that right! It’s almost time for our favorite BFFs in disguise Judy and Jane to bring back the action. 

It’s been a long time since Dead to Me arrived with their latest season. The streaming giant Netflix has finally decided to shower us with our favorite dark comedy series starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. 

The show has received a lot of attention and accolades, not just because of its great script, but because it’s an interesting crime story that is both light-hearted and comedic.

There are many twists and turns that make it hard to stop watching, The tragic comedy is coming back with the third season as Netflix has announced the premiere date for the upcoming season.

Check out this article to know the deets!

Netflix Announces Premiere Date For Dead To Me Season 3

It’s been two years since the second season of Dead to Me ended with a very gruesome climax, but Netflix has now announced the release date for all the fans who are sitting in the exact same spot waiting for Judy and Jane to bring back the action. 

The powerful friendship in a tragic scenario had led to two successful seasons. The gripping narrative with a mix of humor is what makes Dead to Me unique in its own way.

The streamer has finally announced that the Dead to Me will have a season 3 that will be landing on our screens this fall.

The streamer has also mentioned that the third season will also be the final season of the weird friendship story that broiled through the years. 

Dead to Me debuted with its first season back in 2019 and the series quickly got to its potential becoming one of the most anticipated dark comedies.

The prime time Emmy award nominated series is created by Liz Feldman who also serves as one of the executive producers along with Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jessica Elbaum, Christina Applegate and Christie Smith.

Who All Are Coming Back?

Considering no new additions have been announced to be joining the cast for season 3, it is sure for Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini to come back along with James Marsden, Max Jenkins, Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler. 

Dead to Me Season 3: Do we have a trailer yet?

While fans have taken a breath of relief as assurance has come from Netflix.

However, the streaming network has only announced the premiere date for the season, we still have to wait for the trailer and further updates on the show as no official confirmation has been shared.

Expected Plot

Those who have been keeping up with the show’s narrative know that the entire series is about secrets. The first season is about Judy’s secret and then the second one explores Jane’s side of the secret.

Considering the followed narrative, we can expect season 3 to also feature a secret but of who?

According to a few interviews, the creator Liz Feldman shared a brief for the upcoming season where she indicated that the coming season is going to feature someone else’s secret. Do we wonder who it could be?! 

Here you go! This is all we have in store for you to fill up your cinephile tanks and wait patiently for the third and final season of Dead to Me.

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