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Dare Me Season 2 will Not be Happening

Once you’ve uncovered all the dark secrets and lies in Sutton Grove, you are definitely here to know about the renewal status of Dare Me.ย 

We’re excited to see what happens ahead! Because Dare Me concluded in a manner that none of us expected.

‘Dare Me’ is a fearless examination of turbulent female friendships, envy, devotion, and power dynamics in a tiny Midwestern community.

The show delves beneath the all-American appearance into the ruthless world of competitive high school cheering.

Exploring the complicated relationship between two best friends as a new head coach emerges to bring their squad to stardom.

‘Dare Me’ which is a part coming-of-age story, half small-town drama, and part murder mystery shows the physical and psychological extremities that some young women are ready to go to in order to go ahead.

Let’s get into the renewal status of this incredible show that we all miss.

Dare Me Season 2 Renewal Status

It’s been over two years since we last witnessed the epic friendship complications and the revolving love triangle. What happens next, though, will always be a mystery to us.

But, unfortunately, there is some disappointing news for us now. The show was terminated after one season on April 30, 2020. It was lovely until it went too far.

If you’re asking if the show did well, the answer is yes, it did well, and many viewers seemed to enjoy it.

There was never an official reason given for the show’s cancellation, with most claiming the good reviews the show received.

‘Half The Book In The First Season’

According to the author and showrunner Abbott, the show must have gone too far, and there is a significant amount of source material. And if it had been renewed, we would have seen a lot more in the subsequent season.

If another network or streaming service decides to pick up the shows, it will be like a candle in the dark.

Anyway, the showrunner stated, “The chunks of the mystery we follow pretty closely but we only get through about half the book in the first season.

We were able to build out more story because the book is only from one character’s point of view, so it’s very insular and youโ€™re very much in her head.”

Adding, “The show rotates between Addy, Beth, and the coach’s POV. We dig more under the skin and get more perspective on the other characters and squad dynamics.”

Gina Fattore, the show’s co-creator, informed an outlet in an interview: “We really wanted to keep things open, but leave a lot of fun territory to be explored in the second season.

You have this endpoint in mind, but you see the actors bring so many new things as you go along.”

‘Shock & Awe’

The final episode of the first season was named ‘Shock & Awe,’ and we were all startled. We have many questions but no answers.

Though we can make assumptions, as you know, mystery drama shows always have a twist. The following are the questions we have:

  • Who murdered Sarge Will?
  • Will Beth Ever Leak The Coach and Will Sarges’s Video?
  • What Happens to Hanlon and Beth’s Friendship?
  • Is it possible that they will win the tournament for which they have worked so hard?
  • Will Mr. Coach ever learn what Coach French has been up to?

There are more questions than answers, and we would like to see more.

However, the show has been officially canceled, and we have no idea what will happen next.

Cross your fingers, since we sincerely hope that the show will be renewed. At the very least, we seek clarification.

You can stay tuned with us to find out whether the show will be picked up by another streaming service in the near future. Also, do share your thoughts on the conclusion in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve been checking news every few weeks to see if we’d get season 2 for Dare Me. This is one of the best series I’ve ever seen, and I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to tv and movies! I think it’s a huge mistake to not renew for another season. I think it would definitely generate a buttload of income for whoever would be willing to make a second season! I hope someday it does get a second season!

  2. We need another season. #dareme was SO intense, I didn’t move for hours an binged the entire season in a day! Plllleeeaseee we the people want another season. SO many unanswered questions, to just leave it. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I was really enjoying the suspense, the drama, the secrets, but to leave the cliff hanger the way they did is wrong! There needs to be another season with answers!!!

  4. Please make a season 2. I started watching this on 5-10 and just finished it at 3:33am on 5-11. This is a very good show.


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