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Cowboy Bebop Canceled Only After One Season: Find out Why

Netflix has added another show to their list of canceled shows. If you watched Cowboy Bebop, you’re probably here to find out if the show was officially canceled by Netflix, and you’re probably also expecting an explanation.

Cowboy Bebop follows a ragtag team of bounty hunters as they track down the galaxy’s most deadly outlaws; for the proper payment, they’ll save the World. The show has a total of ten episodes.

When Cowboy Bebop premiered on Netflix, it was criticized for its script, special effects, editing, and action scenes, but complimented for its cast. Later regarding the show, something happened that the show’s audience did like.

Netflix Canceled ‘Cowboy Bebop’ After One Season

Netflix waits a few weeks to evaluate how the show is progressing before deciding whether to renew it for another season or cancel it permanently. That is exactly what happened in this instance of Cowboy Bebop.

However, Netflix canceled the series after one season on December 9, 2021. The show premiered on November 19, 2021, and was discontinued three weeks later, which was quite quick.

Despite the cliffhanger finale to the first season. Which eventually exposed a significantly missing character. Viewers who watched the show will always be curious about what would happen next.

Why Did Netflix Cancel ‘Cowboy Bebop’ After Only One Season?

After learning that the show has been canceled, the readers’ minds instantly turn to the question, ‘why?’.

The series’ critical reception has been regarded as ‘mixed’ and ‘negative.’ The series has a 47 percent approval rating from 77 critics on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 5.9/10. Many critics felt the series failed to live up to the original.

Many reviewers were extremely critical of the series’ writing and pacing. Several critics panned the action scenes for their cinematography, editing, and combat choreography.

According to insiders, Netflix’s renewal percentage for the scripted show with two or more seasons is 60 percent, which is following industry statistics, and the judgment, like other Netflix renewal decisions, was made by balancing the show’s viewership and cost.

After originally accumulating around 74 million viewing hours globally in its first week. The series viewership ratings decreased by more than 50% during the last week of November through to December.

Well, the show didn’t perform well and that’s the reason it was canceled.

‘Love To Tell More Of Them… If There’s A Season Two’

“Hopefully a global audience embrace it because we’ve got a lot more stories to tell,” writer and producer Christopher Yost stated regarding the show in a conversation with a source.

“Across the lore of Bebop, there are certain episodes and stories that are just slam dunk, no-brainers to tell,” Yost concluded. “And I would certainly love to tell more of them.”

Yost also said that Season Two is in the works, adding, “if there’s a season two, [I’m] just noodling on what the possibilities could be.”

But unfortunately, we won’t get any season now.

You now know why Netflix officially canceled the show ‘Cowboy Bebop’. Season one of the show is now available to watch on Netflix.

If you have any queries about the show, you can leave them in the comments area below.

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  1. Episode 8,9, 10 and the extra episode was amazing as we know more about the cast. Fell in love with episode 9 as it got got darker and beyond

  2. Didn’t feel like the anime and I mean the writing, aspects of characters personalities or entire characters (gren, vicious, Julia and Faye’s terrible dialogue) and just the whole vibe was as if no one working on the actual writing understood the original series. Still they could finish their amateur take on the series with a season 2, just so there’s some closure. Visually it felt right even though the costumes looked cosplay more than legitimate. And darker doesn’t mean it’s better or captured any important aspects of the original series. It missed the mark by a large margin.


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