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Country Comfort Season 2: What is the Renewal Status?

What we’re discussing right now is obviously not a laughing situation, especially for Country Comfort viewers! Country Comfort is a Caryn Lucas-created American comedic streaming television series that premiered on Netflix on March 19, 2021. As you may be aware, the series only has one season with 10 episodes. Katharine McPhee, Eddie Cibrian, Ricardo Hurtado, Jamie Martin Mann, Pyper Braun, Shiloh Verrico, and Griffin McIntyre were cast in this series after it was ordered to premiere. And the crew did pretty great!

The series was produced in Hollywood, California at Sunset Bronson Studios, but it is situated in Nashville, Tennessee. At the Primetime Emmy Awards, the series won Outstanding Cinematography For A Multi-Camera Series for the “Crazy” episode, with George Mooradian as cinematographer. Perhaps the awards weren’t enough, so let’s break the news.

Country Comfort – Renewed Or Cancelled?

If we’re going right to the point, the sitcom was cancelled after one season in July 2021. Season 2′ cancellation decision was made in the middle of May 2021, according to Eddie Cibrian, who says:

‘We are getting so close to finding out about what y’all have been asking for…Season 2!! So, this weekend we need all you Country Comforters (just made that name up) to watch, re-watch, tell others to watch and re-watch, so we can make the decision for Netflix and Netflix Family an easy one!’

After Netflix announced it, viewers got the official confirmation on the cancellation. Regrettably, no members of the cast or crew have responded to the cancellation in any official manner online, whether on social media or elsewhere. Not only Country Comfort, but also other shows have been canceled, which is quite disappointing. While the series was well-received by audiences, it was not well-received by critics after its March premiere.


The Crew, which had a 38 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, was an even worse disappointment with critics. Netflix’s multi-cam sitcoms aren’t the only thing that’s come and gone this year; the streaming service also abruptly cancelled one of its best dramas. But now you have a clearer picture on what not to expect from the series. We hope, it was helpful though it was pretty disappointed.

Country Comfort Synopsis

If you’ve seen the show, you’re probably aware of the incredible synopsis. Bailey, an ambitious young country singer, gets a position as a nanny for a rough cowboy called Beau and his five children when her career and personal life take a turn into something worse. This inexperienced nanny is capable of negotiating the family dynamics and be the mother figure they’ve been lacking because to her never-say-die attitude and Southern charm.

Bailey gets the ensemble she’s been missing in this musically talented family who assist her get back on the road to glory, much to her surprise. If you haven’t seen the series yet, you can appreciate it by watching it. And while waiting for Season 2 must be difficult, there’s nothing wrong with watching it again. Despite the fact that it was cancelled, it will always be the favorite of its viewers.

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      • Just wanted the show, I loved it. Netflix needs it get their heads out of their butts, and bring the show back!!!!

    • This was great family show. I like it. This show family morals, kids mannerisms and overall a loving family. A good looking family. Lol. I just like it not my normal show I watched but I really like it. Canceled and won a emmy award make it make sense. A season 2 could have survived

  1. who cares about critics, your audience is what should matter most. But I guess its too clean cut with out all the crap added in that Kids don’t need to see so therefore you think it has to go. THIS is one of the big problems with our country. smh… mistake netflix mistake.

  2. As far as I’m concerned they need to take the audience’s views over critics after all we are the ones who count, what it’s not immoral and smutty so it’s not good enough. I for one would far rather watch Country Comfort than shows like Lucifer or shows that portray immorality, heaving swearing and such. I loved the first season, they need to put on the second one. I’m highly disappointed.

  3. I agree with the others!!! There is very few TV shows on these days that you can watch as a family! This show was clean, fun and entertaining!!!! Listen to your viewers not the cretics, chances are they are not watching with younger children!!!!!

  4. Very disappointed that this show was cancelled. I agree with everyone’s comments. It is a clean cut show that I could watch with my kids. We just rewatched the series, which still made us laugh, but also brought disappointment knowing it would not be continued! Please reconsider or someone else pick it up and continue with the series!

  5. So disappointed that Country Comfort is cancelled. We just watched the series. I cried and I laughed watching this series. I am amazed that the writers could bring these characters together and make it work. I went back and restarted it so that my husband and 16 year old daughter could watch it. Worth every minute. Sad that a clean, heartfelt comedy couldn’t make it.

  6. Yes! A show I don’t have to worry if my grandkids sit down with me and watch it. Country Comfort checks all the boxes for family entertainment! 👍

  7. Very disappointed Country Comfort was canceled. Thought this show was fun, family entertainment.. a “feel good” show. Great music. Would love to see another season!!

  8. I love this show have watched over and over my grandbabies like it too. It’s funny and great for the family to watch, don’t have very many family shows.

  9. I absolutely love the show and I’ve told my daughters and grandchildren about it. Please let us have a season 2. We need more shows like this one !!

  10. I think it is just wrong to cancel such a real inspirational touch to it…no violence no cussing no drugs and no alcohol but funny loving witty and with good personality..I absolutely loved ♥ the show and was and still am looking forward to season 2 and I agree very strongly that critics option should not be what counts in keeping a program like this a family entertainment type show on the air .the audience is who is watching it and I’m sure the rating of it was a success giving the comments so in saying all that and knowing all that BRING IT BACK ON…..my children and my grandchildren and my friends all loved the show too so I will be hoping to see it on again by summer or fall of 2022….

  11. Wake up and feel the rotten tomatoes being thrown at you by your subscribers NETFLIX, you know – the people that pay you!!! smh

  12. Country comfort is an amazing show and I cannot believe it has been cancelled. Why watch season 1 of anything on Netflix if it’s gonna be cancelled the next season. This was a wonderful show! Who cares about the critics!! I’m so upset. Bring it back!

  13. Sad that this needs to be repeated
    the show is loved by many more than the “said critics”
    This is a fun family show, a good back story and the actors and young actors were all great, funny and easy on the eye!
    Again, critics suck!!! They can take their crappy thoughts of what a show should be and jump off a cliff!!!

  14. Please bring Country Comfort and Northern Rescue back!!! Everything doesn’t have to be lewd or violent. Most of us enjoy good, clean family shows

  15. I don’t know what y’all were thinking about but you just canceled the best TV show that I have seen in a long time. It was so good my children could sit and watch this with me without me worrying about how many F words or GD words were used in the dialogue. Please consider putting it back on.

  16. To bad it got cancelled such nice entertainment for the whole Family to watch ..But when God is mentioned honesty and good Family values it gets cut from Netflix or any other TV station.We are so disappointed it got cancelled. We agree with many others commentary here.

  17. Just watched Country Comfort. Loved this show. Why on earth would you cancel a good family show. So disappointing! Listen to the people who watch your shows, not the critics ! Bring it back !

  18. I hate to know this show was canceled, but i’m still hoping that someone who is NOT afraid of success picks it up and continues this show, because it’s so touching and enjoyable and it most definitely not deserve to be canceled. Not a single other series in my life has made me feel the same (AMAZING) way like this one and I think I, along with everyone in the world, should have the blessed opportunity to watch it continue growing like the beautiful family they are. PLEASE reconsider your decision Netflix. I’ll have this loving family forever in my heart I can assure y’all that.

  19. I keep watching it please hurry make more before the cast get older the little girl is great and the dad is Handsome.

  20. I’m so sad that this show was cancelled. My kids and I just found this show on Netflix and we completed fell in love with it. We will keep watching it as it actually teaches them so very good lessons about how to put others feeling first.


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