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Conan O’brien Says Good Bye To His Late Night Show

After almost 3 decades of ruling everyone’s nightlife, Conan O’Brien is finally saying bye to his TBS show. The good news is, he is not living the television industry completely, as he will continue to be a part of these travel specials. He will also launch different shows for HBO Max in the coming future.

Conan has been the reason behind the smile of most people around the world, and he ended his late-night TV era last Thursday night. Before TBS, he was also involved in the writing team of the most popular show, “The Simpsons”. He has written some of the greatest hits of Simpsons episodes like, ” Marge Vs. The Monorail”.

How Did Conan O’Brien End His Journey?

Homer was the guest of Conan O’Brien’s last episode, and the show begins with O’Brien taking an exit interview with Homer. The conversation started like this, “Homer you work in H.R?” asked O’Brien. “Well over the years I’ve had hundreds of jobs. At one point I was even a monorail conductor. What a stupid idea that was” Homer responded.

The interview ended with Conan O’Brien expressing his feelings by telling that Homer means the world to him, and he can do anything for him. O’Brien’s journey in his late-night show was truly prolific.

Homer wasn’t the only one present at O’Brien’s farewell show. Will Ferrell, who has also been part of various O’Brien’s final shows, took out his time to say goodbye to the late-nigh king, Conan O’Brien.

In his farewell show, O’Brien talked about his journey and his experience joking around with Ande Richter. Ending his final show, O’Brien said, “I have devoted all my adult life to pursuing this strange phantom intersection between smart and stupid. There’s a lot of people who believe that you coexist, but God I will tell you it is something I believe religiously, I think when smart and stupid come together…I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world”. In the end, he sat on his famous stool, and thank all the supporting and working stocks of TBS, his family, his staff, and his fans for showing so much love and trust towards him.

Journey Of Conan O’Brien

Conan begins his journey as an unknown comedy writer, as a replacement to David letterman on NBC, back in the early ’90s. After getting a mix-match start, he was able to produce a huge group of loyal audience by making a unique name for himself, all thanks to his distinctive interviewing style and hilarious humor. After “Late Night” O’Brien becomes the host of another popular program, “The Tonight Show”, before getting replaced by Jay Leno. This replacement was the turning point for Conan O’Brien, as he ended up on TBS. He introduced a completely new series, travel special in countries like Cuba and Armenia. And since then, O’Brien has never looked back in his career.

This Thursday is definitely not an end to Conan O’Brien’s career, as he will continue to be the host of different varieties of weekly shows on HBO Max.

We, the team of “The Teal Mango” send our best wishes to Conan O’Brien for his post-TBS life. And hope that he continues to make our night special, by making his appearance on various HBO Max specials.

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