Comedian and actress Kiran Deol, best known for her roles in “The Mindy Project,” “Modern Family” and “New Girl,” has been cast in the lead of a new pilot on Pop TV.

The potential show, titled “Arranged,” comes from writer and producer Sono Patel and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna. The two are writing and executive producing it, with McKenna helming the pilot as director. The half-hour comedy also stars comedian Moses Storm (“Conan,” “Arrested Development”).

This is WILD!!!!

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“Arranged” will follow Storm and Deol as best friends and roommates Alex and Ash, respectively. The two end up in a marriage of convenience because of Ash’s (Deol) overbearing mother with whom she has a challenging relationship. Like in real life, Deol’s character Ash is also a hilarious stand-up comedian.

Deol is more than a stand-up comedian. She is a filmmaker, as well. Along with comedy shows and working tours across the country, she is also directing various projects. “Woman Rebel,” a documentary she directed, was nominated for an Emmy and shortlisted for an Oscar. “American Haze” is another directorial project she developed for Sundance Now that followed her own family’s journey to America and their immigrant life. Aside from television shows like “How to Get Away with Murder” and TruTV’s “Greatest Ever,” she has also been a host for VICE and starred in “Farah Goes Bang,” an indie film that won the first Nora Ephron prize at the Tribeca Film Festival.

With Deol and Storm both being talented comedians and actors, we have high expectations for the level of hilarity that is sure to ensue on “Arranged,” especially considering how great “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is. The show will begin shooting soon in Los Angeles.

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