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Colin Donnell to Star in Peacock Drama ‘Irreverent’

Irreverent is a Netflix show Australian drama miniseries. Irreverent describes the tale of an American thief who botches a robbery and is forced to evacuate to a small Australian reef town in Far North Queensland, where he poses as the new church Reverend. Andrew Knight, Andrew Anastasios, Angela McDonald, and Darlene Johnson composed Irreverent, which was created by Paddy Macrae.

The series is filmed in Mission Beach, Queensland. Colin Donnell, is going to play a prominent part in this upcoming Peacock drama. Matchbox Pictures, the NB CU-backed production firm behind Cate Blanchett’s State, is producing the series.

Lead Role Of Colin Donnell In ‘Irreverent’

We all know Colin Donnell from the amazing series ‘Arrow’. Well, in this upcoming peacock drama mini-series Mack/Paulo, is portrayed by Colin Donnell. He’s a skillful and intelligent mediator who preserves the peace between Chicago’s organized criminal groups.

Mack flees to an isolated beach town in tropical Australia when a settlement goes horribly wrong, where he is compelled to assume the guise of a Reverend in order to stay ahead of the ones who want him murdered.

Let’s Talk About Other Roles 

  • Mackenzie Boyd, a catholic Reverend in Chicago who never ruffles any feathers, will be represented by PJ Bryne. Mackenzie is heartbroken by his wife’s decision to leave him before they move to Australia, so he encounters Paulo (Colin) on the flight and steals his money in an attempt to spice up his boring life.

  • Piper will be performed by Kylie Bracknell, a talented officer who has recently moved back to her hometown after a good start in the city. Back to the beach, the jungle, and her old boyfriend Aidan, who is overjoyed she’s back in town.

Amy As Briallen Clarke

  • Amy, Piper’s childhood best buddy, will be represented by Briallen Clarke, who misses her and whatever they had. She is a local sugar mill engineer and the face of a well-organized demonstration standing up for the rights of her coworkers. Amy and Mack become closer as she becomes someone with whom he can chat about certain issues. She is desperate to rebuild her friendship with Piper, but it will take a lot of effort.

Cameron As Ed Oxenbould

  • Cameron, a teen who is closest friends with Daisy, will be played by Ed Oxenbould. He would support anyone, at any moment, for any reason. Cameron has a fascination with automobile engines, which occasionally gets him into trouble.

  • Daisy will be played by Tegan Stimson, a local youngster whose mother died lately and whose father is in prison. She resides with Mack in the Manse and eventually becomes his closest confidante and unexpected crime accomplice.
  • Lester, the landlord of the neighborhood tavern and Victor’s soulmate, will be portrayed by Russell Dykstra. He wants to use tourism to bring wealth and opportunity to Clump, but he’s the only one who doesn’t realize he’s deluded.

  • Blair will represent Peter, a deeply religious pious local dentist who has spent years fighting for a new Reverend. He has a wife at home who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and he is attempting to assist her in all the wrong directions.
  • Tassone is basically Harry, Piper’s younger brother and Aidan’s best friend. He knows practically every mystery in Clump as the neighborhood bartender, and he’s growing concerned about the connection he senses between Piper and Mack.
  • Last but not the least, Aidan, a Clump native, is Wilder’s opponent. He is totally attractive and delightful, and he cherishes Piper. He is back in a relationship with Piper after a few years while she lived in the city. He’s a self-taught marine biologist who resides aboard his book-filled yacht and offers tours on the reef.

That was it; we’d get to see the incredible Colin in this amazing performance, as well as some wonderful characters.

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