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Christie Brinkley Drops Her “Bikini” Selfie on Instagram

That’s right, you saw Christie Brinkley in a Bikini

It’s winter but why does it feel so hot? Could be maybe Christie Brinkley dropped her selfie on Instagram.

Christie Brinkley, 67, Model and Actress is living the good days of her life. She posted a series of her on Instagram on Sunday, January 16th.

Have a look right at it.

Someone had quite a graceful Sunday, from the looks of it. Christie Brinkley’s display and show off of her incredible skin have left us stunned. Furthermore, to top that look, she put SBLA Lip Plump.

After all, we can’t miss out on having spectacular selfies, won’t be fair.

“Hat✔️Sunblock✔️ SBLA Lip Plump and Sculpt✔️Gratitude ✔️’ Brinkley @sblabeauty”, her caption on the picture read.

In a matter of time, the picture was able to collect more than 17K likes.

Christie Brinkley Is Having a Good Time!

To top her bold look off, the actress was seen wearing a summer hat and a lacy kaftan in white that completed her entire look.

In the background, we saw her “closet” with a series of dresses. Someone even commented if she had found a “fountain of youth” looking at her pictures.

Indeed, we think so too.

Christie is looking back to the ’80s at her days of glory where she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Christie is a lot lively on Instagram. She keeps her followers up to date with her snaps. From her recent vacation with her daughter, she was seen posting a series of pictures on social media.

‘I never brush my hair, I just beach comb! It’s the #beachlife for me!’ Brinkley caption read.

“👈🏼swipe 🌴 and Sunset bike and stroll 🌝
PS if you don’t ride the bike it will rust. Same thing with your body! You’ve got to move it! Move it! 🐚 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊”, another of her post read.

Furthermore, she also had a lot to say about her “future big plans”

”Happy New Year 2022 I have big plans for you! I’m going to learn a new language and take a master class,”, she said.

“I’m going to make plenty of time to laugh sing and dance! (and that should help me fit back in my pants)”, she further added.

Twitter has to Say

Obviously, how can people live without sending their criticism all the way? The picture is circulating on the internet and fans have a literal lot to say.

Some have their tongues out and waving whereas the others couldn’t stop speaking about her age.

Here comes some of the tweets.

One of the derogatory tweets read, “What is up with all these old #senior women #christiebrinkley #JenniferLopez#Madonna #lizhurley who keep posting pics of themselves in bikinis. STOP no one wants to see 60-65-year-olds in bikinis. Stop trying to be #relevant your #15minutesofshame is over. Act your #age”

If I could only shut Britney up because I think Christie looks beautiful, confident, and amazing.

Another one reads, “Christie Brinkley, 67, rocks a string bikini in new selfie: ‘Eternally gorgeous’ Get over yourself How exhausting is it to be constantly obsessed with your vain self.”

I am totally obsessed with Christie’s Bikini look, what about you?

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