After the grand success of “Avengers: Infinity War,” actor Chris Hemsworth is taking on an interesting new role in the Netflix film “Dhaka.”

“Dhaka” is an action film in which Hemsworth will play a weary mercenary named Rake. He is hired by a wealthy Indian businessman when the businessman’s son is kidnapped and held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Though he is physically strong, Hemsworth’s character is emotionally weak and must battle with his own sense of self in this journey to save an innocent child.

The film is set to begin shooting in November and will be shot in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangladesh, according to Deadline.Joe and Anthony Russo, the minds behind the Marvel films are also behind “Dhaka.” Joe has written the script and both brothers are producing the film.

“Dhaka” is the directorial debut of Sam Hargrave, a stunt coordinator who also acts as the stunt double for Captain America’s Chris Evans.

Everyone involved in this film are clearly pros when it comes to the action genre, which will make “Dhaka” is sure to be a cinematic treat.

However, here’s hoping that in the midst of all the action, we don’t see stereotype-laden South Asian characters or a heavy promotion of the white savior complex mindset.

Stay tuned for updates as more cast and crew members join the team of “Dhaka.”


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