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Chicago Med Cast Salary: How Much Are They Paid?

By acting in the show, it’s time to find out how much Chicago Med doctors made in real life.

The show will reward you with intellectual writing, superb acting, and fast-paced, fascinating drama that will make you cry now and then.

The series Chicago Med dismantles racist obstacles as well as certain irrational religious practices. Chicago Med follows the emergency department doctors and nurses of the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre. This show is an absolute win for NBC.

And the series’ actors are the most popular with the audience, who want to know if they are financially rewarded for their efforts, such as what their incomes are. The article might contain spoilers.

Chicago Med Cast Earned A Whopping Income

The doctors and nurses at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center’s emergency department work hard to save their patients’ lives while dealing with personal and interpersonal issues.

We’re here to reveal the income of the characters in the show. So keep reading to find out which cast member gets paid how much. The salaries listed are the starting salaries for each episode. Cast members began to earn more income as the seasons progressed.

1. Julie Berman 

Dr. Connor Rhodes’ girlfriend, as well as handling her position as an assistant trauma surgeon.

Julie Berman, who is best known for her role in the ABC soap series General Hospital, appears to be interested in exploring the medical community. The actress is said to be paid $55,000 after working in the show.

2. Patti Murin 

For three years Patti performed the role of Dr. Nina in the show and got paid around $65,000. Pathologist Nina Shore works at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. She had a romantic relationship with Will. Following that, it was revealed that Will had feelings for Natalie.

Patti has played the titular role in Lysistrata Jones and Princess Anna in Frozen on Broadway.

3. Sophia Josh

If you’ve seen Sophia Josh’s interviews, you’ll realize that how a fantastic person she is as she was in the show.

The star of the show “Good Sam” on CBS, Sophia Bush, has a genuine interest in the amazing work done by doctors and surgeons but, she prays no one mistakes her for a doctor in a Real-life emergency situation.

After acting in the show, the actress has treated an income of about $70,000.

4. Mekia Cox 

Shown as Dr. Robyn Charles, an epidemiologist, and Dr. Daniel Charles’ previously estranged daughter. She was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, which was later found to be the result of an organic cause – a benign mediastinal teratoma.

Mekia’s early contributions include “One Tree Hill,” “CSI: NY,” “Half & Half,” and “Bones,” among others. She went on to feature in award-winning television series such as “Modern Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Gotham,” “Key & Peele,” “Almost Human,” “Leverage,” “Common Law,” “Necessary Roughness,” and “The Mentalist,” to mention a few.

For her role in the series, the actress was paid $68,500.

5. Ato Essandoh

It’s tough for a surgeon to have autism spectrum disorder, and our character Oto has it, which makes it difficult for him to grasp the patients’ emotions.No one but himself was surprised by his diagnosis.

Dr. Latham replaces Dr. David Downey as Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center after David’s passing.

The actor was paid around $80,000 after putting in so much effort and performing so well in the series.

6. Rachel Dipillo

Dr. Sarah Reese aspired to be a pathologist. But she changed her mind and became a psychiatric resident, as we all know. And she had to overcome challenges later in the series when it was revealed that her father is a suspected serial killer to Dr. Daniel Charles.

We witnessed Sarah’s ups and downs and her complicated relationship with her father. Sarah Reese is an amazing doctor but a sensitive one. Rachel did great work with her appearance in the show.

She is an actress, famous for Hello, My Name Is Frank (2021), Cuckoo (2015), and Chicago Med (2015).

The actress was revealed to get a salary of at least $45,000.

7. Norma Kuhling

Dr. Ava Bekker and Dr. Connor Rhodes had a rivalry that quickly ended and turned into a romantic one. However, their love relationship also ended. In the fifth-season premiere of “Never Going Back to Normal,” we witnessed this character commit suicide.

It was kind of a manipulative relationship that Becker held, but in the end, it didn’t turn out to be good. Being an excellent rival of Dr. Connor Rhodes everyone enjoyed their fury.

After getting a role in Chicago Med, the actress starred in the teen drama ‘Fourteen.’ Norma Kuhling had a nice profit from the Chicago Med, which was $75,000, despite her lack of appearances in series or other movies.

8. Marlyne Barrett 

Maggie Lockwood is portrayed as a bold nurse who isn’t afraid to stand up for the residents’ education. Despite having breast cancer in the fifth season, she eventually recovered and had a fairytale ending with Ben Campbell, another former cancer sufferer.

One of the best nurses we came across. She did everything for her patients in the show. Remember when she got arrested? How can we forget that?

Marlyne had a recurring role as Nerese Campbell in HBO’s criminal thriller The Wire from 2006 to 2008. The actress earned $77,000 through Chicago Med.

9. Nick Gehlfuss

Dr. Will Halstead, a plastic surgeon before, became an ED monitoring physician at the beginning of the series. Everyone’s personal favorite.

Will’s and Natalie’s relationship has been a spark since the start of the show. We always wanted them to be together, didn’t we? Being colleagues, best friends, and then a romantic relationship. That’s kind of a goal.

On Shameless, The Newsroom, and Power, Gehlfuss has had recurrent parts, as well as guest appearances on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Good Wife, Person of Interest, and Royal Pains.

The actor has been paid up to $110,000, which is quite a sum. It’s because he was the first main character introduced in the series.

10. Yaya DaCosta

April Sexton is a first-generation Brazilian-American ED nurse who also happens to be the protagonist. Lieutenant Kelly Severide of the Chicago Fire Department is a childhood friend of hers.

Actor Yaya Dacosta is well-known. The Nice Guys and Stand-Off are two of Yaya Dacosta’s well-known movies. After starring in Chicago Med, the actress earned $60,000. We loved her relationship with Dr. Choi.

Are you looking forward to seeing the lifesavers, also known as doctors, in Season 8 of Chicago Med?

We only found these characters’ salaries to reveal, so don’t forget to tell us which character deserved how much pay. As well as your season 8 expectations, in the comments section below.

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