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Cher Is Making New Music With Her Boyfriend, Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards

“Goddess of Pop” Cher and her boyfriend, Alexander “A.E” Edwards are taking their love to the next level! The 76-year-old singer revealed that she is working on new music with her 31-year-old boyfriend, Alexander, who is an artist and producer himself. The two were recently spotted in the studio for collaboration.

Cher Is Making Music With Alexander…

Cher is making new music with her young lover! The “Goddess of Pop” revealed that she is working on new music and even brought her boyfriend, Alexander “A.E.” Edwards into the studio for collaboration. Cher stated in a recent interview:  “I’m going to England to make two albums.

“Some of the songs Alexander gave me, so I’m pretty excited about that. He’s a producer and a writer and he does everything, so I’m happy about that,” she continued. The 76-year-old singer also stated that she’s “trying to get myself in shape” for an upcoming tour she plans to do at the end of this year. FYI, her 31-year-old boyfriend, Alexander is an artist and producer himself.

For Cher, Love Knows No Age…

What seemed like too good to be true for others, is a real deal for Cher and her young lover, Alexander “AE” Edwards. The music legend, 76 and the music executive, 31 have been romantically linked since November, when they were first captured holding hands. Recently, Edwards even gifted a diamond ring to his old lady.

“They are very much in love,” a source recently revealed, noting that the two were inseparable at a pre-Grammys party. “They held hands all night and were very lovey-dovey and kissing often,” the source added. “They’re not talking marriage or anything like that, but they are exclusive and serious.”

As for the massive age gap between the lovers, the source added, “Cher likes that he’s young. It’s exciting for her.” Previously, the music legend herself opened up about the 40-year-old age difference in her relationship. “On paper, it’s kind of ridiculous,” she admitted on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. “But in real life, we get along great. He’s fabulous and I don’t give men qualities that they don’t deserve.”

She also noted on the show that Edwards is “very kind, very smart, he’s very talented, and he’s really funny,” before sweetly observing, “And I think he’s quite handsome.” Well, Cher is no stranger to dating young men. Before Alexander, she dated Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise.

She revealed to Kelly Clarkson that “older men just didn’t like me all that much,” and she finds the opposite is true with younger partners. As for her relationship with Alexander, the young man has served as a comfort for the singer, especially as she went through the painful loss of her mother, Georgia Holt. We wish this couple good luck with upcoming music!

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