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Chainsaw Man Part 2 and Anime Releasing Soon

Undoubtedly, the dark-fantasy, comedy, horror, and action manga attracted multiple readers. Moreover, the declaration of an anime adaptation has created a breeze of excitement in the anime community. Regardless, the manga ended on December 14th, 2020. However, Shueisha’s second issue of Shonen Jump announced a Chainsaw Man Part 2.

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Nevertheless, the manga took over a year for a second part. Since an anime adaptation is already on its way, fans were eager to know about what happened next in the manga. Hence, the Jump Festa 2022 stated the release of the 2nd part. However, they haven’t publicized any specific date. Thus, we’re here to provide all the information about Part 2.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date

Since the last chapter offered wholesome content with multiple plots and a cliffhanger, fans were eagerly waiting for the 2nd part. Moreover, Shueisha had already declared the Chainsaw Man Part 2. However, they hadn’t confirmed any specific date.

The unofficial Twitter page of Weekly Shonen Jump had already announced about Part 2. Also, Tatsuki Fujimoto (Author) confirmed the rumors on December 19th, 2021, that the manga will be back in 2022.

In addition, the upcoming anime will also be released in 2022. Anyway, neither Shueisha nor Tatsuki unveil any specific date.

Nevertheless, we expect the manga to return in March. Since the manga will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary that month, it may be the most likely to return in the same month.

The Plot of Chainsaw Man Part 2

Although we got to see a mesmerizing trailer, we didn’t catch anything regarding 2nd Part. However, it will surely follow the aftermath of his battle with Makima. Let’s see how Denji balances his school life while being the Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Anime

On the one hand, the 11 volumes of Chainsaw Man have influenced multiple Otakus. On the other hand, the fans are excited about the anime adaptation.

Regardless, MAPPA hasn’t unveiled any certain date for the anime release. However, the most likely time for the anime release is expected to be during Fall 2022, i.e., September-December.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

Though it’s been a while since we saw the anime’s trailer, MAPPA still hasn’t declared any certain date. Nevertheless, the anime’s trailer seemed promising.

Knowing MAPPA’s history of providing exceptional animation, the fans may fall in love with the anime. Moreover, some view the anime to win the Anime of The Year Award.

The Cast of Chainsaw Man

Although there hasn’t been any official announcement about the voice actors, some leaks about it have surfaced on Twitter. Hence, the following list doesn’t confirm the selection entirely.

  • Pochita: Ikue Otani (Pikachu and Chopper)
  • Denji: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Bakugo)
  • Makima: Yoko Hikasa (Frieda Reiss)
  • Power: Sumire Uesaka (Nagatoro)
  • Aki: Takahiro Sakurai (Giyu and Reigen)
  • Himeno: Kana Hanazawa (Mitsuri and Tachibana)
  • Hirokazu: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Reiner Braun)
  • Kobeni: Yumi Uchiyama (Rudeus Greyrat)

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