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Casey Wilson Welcomes Third Child Via Surrogacy With Husband David Caspe

Casey Wilson is about to embark on a new chapter in her life as she prepares to begin a new journey, the journey to motherhood.

It has been announced that the TV show Happy Endings star is now mom to her third child with her husband, David Caspe, a girl named Frances Rose.

There Is A New Addition To The Caspe And Wilson Family With The Arrival Of Their Third Child

It was announced on Thursday, January 26, that David Caspe and Casey Wilson welcomed their third child into the world. In keeping with the media personality’s long-held dream, Casey Wilson carried her third child via surrogacy and gave birth to a girl. In addition, Casey announced the birth of her daughter, Francis Rose, a name given to her by “her best friend of all time,” herself, who was the inspiration for the name.

The actress announced the news during a conversation on her Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown podcast, which aired on Thursday. “We now have a baby girl via surrogate. She is here! Her name is Francis, but we’re calling her Frankie. So, she’s Frankie Rose Caspe.” reveals the star of Happy Endings in a recent interview.

Besides Max Red, Casey and David have two sons, Henry Bear, 5, and Max Red, 7. In addition, she revealed that she had been looking forward to having a daughter so much. There was a longing in Casey’s heart for her third child, and her daughter is everything she could have ever imagined, as she has said.

She announced on her podcast and then shared pictures of Frankie, the beautiful little girl she recently welcomed into the world, on her Instagram account. “This is the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius! Our angel Frances ‘Frankie’ Rose Caspe is here!” wrote the actress alongside images of her new baby as she shared them on social media.

Due To Casey’s Mental Health Condition, David And Casey Decided To Go Through With Surrogacy

Casey Wilson and David Caspe tied the knot in 2018 and have been happily married ever since. After battling intense postpartum depression following her previous pregnancies, the Saturday Night Live alum settled for surrogacy to be able to carry her baby.

She stated that she was not ashamed of her decision, and she was not ashamed of herself. In addition, the screenwriter confessed that she had another reason for choosing surrogacy as a form of birth control which she did not divulge to the audience. Despite this, the mother of three has no regrets about her decision.

Casey talked about the profound impact of surrogacy on a family and lauded the surrogate who provided so much comfort to them. As the actress described surrogacy in its highest form, she called it “women supporting women at the highest level.”

In addition, Casey shared that Frankie completes “the sacred circle of mother and daughter” that she has always wanted to be part of.

About Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson has a wide range of roles in acting, writing, directing, and podcasting. There are several TV shows for which she has been cast, including Happy Endings, Saturday Night Live, The Shrink Next Door, Marry Me, Black Monday, Mrs. Fletcher, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. In addition, there are several films that she has starred in, including Gone Girl, Julie, Julia, and Always Be My Maybe.

In the movies Bride Wars and Ass Backwards, Casey co-wrote and co-starred with June Diane Raphael, her longtime collaborator, she co-wrote and co-starred as herself. Alongside Danielle Schneider, she co-hosts the hit podcast Bitch Sesh. In addition to the SXSW and TIFF premieres of Daddio, she has also directed five short films.

My congratulations go out to Casey Wilson and David Caspe on the birth of their daughter. The advent of Casey’s third child will continue to bring joy and happiness to the family as the new child grows older. Watch out for more celebrity gossip as we bring you more of them.

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