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Casa Amor Love Island 2021: The Line-Up of Contestants

Guess who is finally coming back. Hoping you already have guessed looking at the thrilling caption, and god, yes, Casa Amor is here. The contestants are surely going to be on a tough spot as more contestants will be gathering up.

Casa Amor will have Love Island 2021 participants in the show who will split for a few days. The boys and girls will meet a new set of islanders and finally we have the newbies.

So, let’s quickly get down to the contestants who will be making it this year.

 Casa Amor Love Island 2021

Casa Amor – Say Hello To The Ladies

The new girls will have Salma, Amy, Clarisse, Kaila, Mary, and Lillie are the new set of fantastic ladies to join Casa Amor.

 Casa Amor Love Island 2021

Here are the deets!

1. Clarisse Juliette

Clarisse is looking for a teddy who she could cuddle while she goes to sleep.

Age – 23

Occupation – Influencer

Lives – London

IG – @clarissejuliette

2. Lillie Haynes

Lillie has her eyes set on Jake and Liam. She says –  “I’ve definitely got my eye on Jake. He’s 100% the type of boy I would go for at home. It’s too good of a match not to just go for. Liam is definitely a dark horse for me, he’s like James Bond when you look at him, absolutely gorgeous. So he could be a very close second.”

Age – 22

Occupation – Trainee Accountant

Lives – South Shields

IG – @lillie.haynes

3. Amy Day

Amy thinks she is not very ”good” at dating. Therefore, she is looking forward to her potential of finding ‘Someone’

Age – 25

Occupation – Performer

Lives – Surrey

IG – @___amyday___

4. Salma Naran

Salma is on Love Island to find the love of her life and to explore her chances.

Age – 20

Occupation – Influencer and Model

Lives – Dublin

IG – @salma.naranx

5. Kaila Troy

In real life, Kaila has given up on love. Hence, looking for her chances in Love Island.

Age – 28

Occupation – International DJ

Lives – Dublin

IG – @djkailatroy

6. Mary Bedford

Mary likes Liam and for the rest of the story, tune in to Love Island 2021.

Age – 22

Occupation – Model

Lives – Wakefield

IG – @mary_bedford

Handsome Hunks from Love Island 2021

Here is a glimpse of the handsome men from Casa Amor.

1. Dale Mehmet

Age – 24

Occupation – Barber

Lives – Glasgow

IG – @dalehuncho

2. Medhy Malanda

Age – 24

Occupation – American Footballer

Lives – Luton

IG – @medhymalanda

3. Sam Jackson

Age – 23

Occupation – Manager

Lives – Clitheroe

IG – @samjackson98

4. Harry Young

Age – 24

Occupation – Car Salesman

Lives – Glasgow

IG – @harry.young_

5. Jack Barlow

Age – 26

Occupation – Coach and Driver

Lives – East Sussex

IG – @jackbarlow

6. Matthew MacNabb

Age – 28

Occupation – Consultant

Lives – Belfast

IG – @mathew_macnabb

That is all the delight you can expect from Casa Amor Love Island 2021. Don’t know what exactly you are waiting for!

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