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Cardi B Disgusted By Dalai Lama’s Video Asking A Young Boy To Suck His Tongue

The highest spiritual leader and the head of Tibet, Dalai Lama may have millions of fans but Cardi B isn’t one of them. While Cardi B is ripping off the beloved monk for being a “child predator”, critics have come forward to support Dalai Lama, stating that he has a habit of “teasing people in an innocent, playful way.” Some even reminded her of her shady days.

Cardi B Gets Emotional As She Criticises Dalai Lama…

Dalai Lama may be a beloved monk across the globe, but a video has stirred massive controversy. After a previous clip of the head of Tibet asking a young boy to “suck my tongue” resurfaced, Cardi B was one of the first celebrities to portray her disgust.

The irate rapper took to Twitter on Monday (April 10), ripping “child predators” and urging parents to know what’s going on in their kids’ lives. Even though she didn’t mention him directly, we all know it was targeted towards the 86-year-old monk. She tweeted:

“This world is full of predators. They prey on the innocent. The ones who are most unknowing, are our children. Predators could be our neighbors, our school teachers, even people with money, and power & our churches. Constantly talk with your kids about boundaries and what they shouldn’t allow people to do to them.”

Dalai Lama’s office, on the other hand, apologised for the incident that occurred in February, claiming that he “teases people he meets innocently and playfully, even in public and before cameras.” But again, the “Invasion of Privacy” artist ain’t buying it at all.

How Are People Reacting?

Social media users had mixed reactions to Cardi B’s response. One wrote, “Especially these Church people hiding behind God w/ their treachery!!” Another wrote, “Exactly, that Dalai Lama thing is disgusting!! And then for them to excuse it as a joke is sick.”

While some suggest that she was right in calling out “child predators”, many didn’t hesitate to remind her of a shady moment from her pre-stardom days. The instance relates to Cardi B robbing and drugging men during her strip club days, something she herself admitted.

A critic wrote, “Girl you have a history of spiking men’s drinks with ketamine. You are no role model.” Another wrote, “You’re not allowed near men’s drinks I think we know who the real predator is.” One person wrote, “Remember you were preying on niggas a minute ago?”

In her response, she stated that those people were “adult drunk lowlifes who attempted to take advantage of her” and “she just happened to get the upper hand.” But again, is it even sane to question her ethical decision-making just because she is speaking about a crucial issue? What’s your take on the monk’s “inappropriate encounter” with the child?

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