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Can We Expect Season 3 of ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’?

The anime has had an eminent run with the previous two seasons. Moreover, the OVAs have surely been an entertainment factor. It’s no wonder that fans desire to see the ecchi trio back with the action/ecchi scenes. Although it’s been over 6 years since the last anime episode aired, the enthusiasts are curious to know about The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3.

Certainly, you’d like to hear positive news regarding this anime. The Testament of Sister New Devil had allured a massive audience through its ecchi scenes. However, the hope for a 3rd season seems dull. Let’s see whether the popularity could be the sole reason for the anime’s return.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3 Returning or Cancelled?

Since the harem, action, and supernatural anime acquired an enigmatic audience, there might be hope for a 3rd season. On the contrary, there are numerous factors that signify the end of the series. Nonetheless, the anime has surely entertained us through the engulfing unique storyline and sizzling ecchi scenes.

First and foremost, the anime faced frequent criticism for being too identical to High School DxD. Since the storyline of both the anime featured demons, some enthusiasts often compared them. However, the storylines of the pair were completely different.

Nevertheless, the last time we saw additional content was in March 2018 when Production IMS premiered a 60-minute OVA. Apart from that, there is no news which confirms or denies The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3.

Still hoping for the 3rd season? Well, the most critical point that indicates the anime’s end is the source material. Evidently, anime is only advertisement products to raise the sales of the source material. As for the light novel, it ended on March 31st, 2021. Hence, there is no source material left to promote.

Lastly, the show’s popularity may set an option for another season. There could be a spin-off series or another way the anime returns. However, the hope certainly seems dim.

Which Volume Does Anime End On?

Since the manga only adapted the first three volumes of the light novel, it’s beneficial to focus on the light novel. On the one hand, the first season covered all the content from the first 3 volumes. On the other hand, the second season left some bits while covering volumes 4 to 7. Thus, you may start reading from volume 8 if you haven’t watched the Departures OVA.

Nevertheless, Departures didn’t cover the whole volume 8. You may have to search for the anime’s ending in the light novel. So, it’s better to start reading from volume 8. Certainly, you shall start reading from the 4th volume if you want to enjoy the series completely.

Where to Watch or Read The Testament of Sister New Devil?

As for the anime, VRV and HBO Max have the right to officially stream it in the US. Moreover, you can buy the anime on Apple TV+ and Microsoft Store.

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Since the manga has only depicted the first three volumes, most of the content is only available in light novels. Sadly, the light novel isn’t officially available on any sites. However, you can buy the LN from Amazon, or buy ebooks from the Apple Store/ Play Store.

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