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Bullet Train Trailer is Out: Brad Pitt Rocking a Slick Action Film After a Long Time

Brad Pitt is coming to steal your hearts once again!

Yes, we still can’t believe this but this is happening! Brad Pitt is coming on the big screens with an action thriller movie this summer!

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Brad Pitt doing some crazy action but 2022 made that happen and we are going to be blessed by Brad Pitt starrer action movie Bullet Train.

Sony Pictures has dropped the official trailer of “Bullet Train”n an action packed thriller directed by John Wick co-director David Leitch who once was Brad’s personal stunt double.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Brad Pitt starrer Bullet Train. 

Bullet Train: Trailer Talk

Bullet Train is an action adventure thriller following a character named Lady Bug played by Brad Pitt. A retired professional criminal discovering a new outline for his life. 

In the trailer, we can see a number of assassins aboard a bullet train in Japan in the search of a certain briefcase which happens to be everyone’s priced possession. The fun part of the story is that the assassins are unaware that their criminal assignments are linked to each other. 

The trailer shows fast paced action scenes with a remarkable aesthetic style of filming for which David Leitch is known for.

Bullet Train: Meet The Cast

The trailer is as exciting as the star cast featuring the legendary Brad Pitt leading as Lady Bug, a retired criminal delivering his last assignment. We have got Ocean’s Eight actor Sandra Bullock playing Maria Beetle.

The Kickass actor, Aron Taylor Johnson playing Tangerine, Joey King from the Kissing Booth playing Prince, Andrew Koji from the Warriors as Kimura, Eternals actor, Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon and Hip Hop star Bad Bunny. 

Bullet Train: The Plot

As we have got a brief idea from the trailer that a high speed engine train races across the country. There are five assassins on the train looking for the same briefcase and later realizing their missions are interlinked. As the journey picks up its pace, the assassins enter the final assignment of reaching their destination alive. 

Bullet Train: When is it Releasing?

Safe to say, we would not have to wait longer to witness Brad Pitt into live action that too on big screens. Bullet Trains is set to hit the theatres on July 15th, 2022. 

The maker David Leitch has been actively sharing the stills and giving us sneak peeks into the movie before landing in the theatres. He has been posting a few cryptic posts as filming takes place in intrigued locations.

He posted a picture on his Instagram from the sets of Bullet Train hinting what an absolute treat is waiting for us in a few months. 

We’ve all have been patiently waiting for a Brad Pitt movie for ages. And there is one coming now very soon. The trailer looks promising and we hope it does justice to our expectations. 

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