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BTS to Release New Song for Animated Series ‘Bastions’, Watch Preview

BTS ARMY assemble! The moment you have been waiting for is finally arriving as a new song by the group is going to be released soon. All of the seven members have lent their voices to a song in the soundtrack of the upcoming animated series Bastions.

This will mark the first outing by BTS since the release of their anthology album Proof in June last year. The group is currently on a hiatus owing to their mandatory military service in South Korea, and many members have branched out with their solo careers.

BTS to Release New Song for Animated Series Bastions

The song will serve as the title for the series that will be aired on SBS. The name of the track has not been revealed yet; however, a preview has been released which you can check out below. 

“BTS is expected to provide an overwhelming sense of immersion to the emotions and action scenes of the series by singing the theme song in perfect harmony,” Timos Media, the production company behind Bastions said in a statement.

The song was recorded before Jin’s military enlistment. Meanwhile, fans can not seem to keep calm about the song and are expressing their excitement on social media. “jungkook’s vocals never fail to amaze me. his ability to perfectly sing and complement no matter what genre, sound, tone, mood and performance, he does it so well with ease,” tweeted a fan.

Another wrote, “Yes oh my God we r so excited they knew we needed this it’s the connection between us and our boys. BTS IS COMING. BTS IS BACK.” A fan also tweeted, “Lol everyone thought they saw the end of BTS with the enlistment but now we are getting 8 times the content and music MWAHAHA.”

Bastions will also Feature Music by Other K-pop Acts

The series’ soundtrack will feature a number of K-pop artists apart from BTS, including Heize, Alexia, LE SSERAFIM, and Brave Girls. The show will premiere in South Korea on May 14 at 7:30 am KST. The theme song by BTS is expected to be released after the series premiere.

The track will reportedly be available on audio streaming platforms once it releases. As for Bastions, the animated show will revolve around superheroes who battle environmental pollution. It will feature rookie heroes named Bastions who will go against villains causing pollution.

BTS is Currently on a Hiatus

The group is currently on a hiatus and does not plan to reunite till 2025 at least. The members had to undergo mandatory military service of around two years, which led to the hiatus. Meanwhile, they continue to release solo music.

Suga is coming up with his debut solo album soon, titled D-Day. He also has his own Disney+ documentary in the works, Suga: Road To D-Day. The rapper will embark on a world tour as well, which is scheduled for later this year.

As for V, the singer recently teased his upcoming song Maybe during a social media live stream. A few weeks ago, Jimin released his solo song Like Crazy, which reached the top 10 on the UK charts.

How excited are you about the new song from BTS? Let us know in the comments section.

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