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BTS’ Jung Kook Urges Fans to Stop Sending Food to His House: “I Beg You”

Jung Kook is done with fans sending him food! The BTS member has urged his fans to stop sending food items to his home. The singer has also warned of action against those who continue to send food packages against his wishes.

While Jung Kook and the rest of the BTS members are known for interacting with fans, they have also often asked people to respect their privacy and boundaries. ARMY has now shown support to Kook, so much so that the hashtag #ProtectJungkook started trending on Twitter.

Jung Kook Urges Fans to Stop Sending Food to His House

The 25-year-old K-pop star took to Weverse on Thursday to post a message for his fan after receiving a huge number of food products at his home. The message was posted in Korean, which when translated to English, read, “Don’t send home delivery food. I won’t eat it even if you give it to me.”

Warning of action against those who keep sending the items, Kook wrote, “I’m thankful but I eat well. You can buy it yourself. I beg you. If you send it one more time, I will check the receipt order number you sent and take action, so stop it.”

The Singer has Requested Privacy from Fans Previously as well

This is not the first time Kook has requested fans to respect his privacy. During an earlier Weverse livestream, the singer asked everyone not to harass him while he works out. “I’m a human too, and ARMYs are also human, of course, you’d be able to understand,” he said at the time.

In another incident, the Left and Right singer was irked by the continuous calls he was getting during his live broadcast. “You’re watching the VLIVE, right? Who are you? Don’t do it. I don’t like the phone call ringing sound. I’m annoyed and it’s scary. I’m getting goosebumps,” he told fans at the time.

ARMY Shows Support to Jung Kook

Following the post by Jung Kook, a number of ARMY members came to his support and expressed concern over his home address being out in public. Some even asked Bighit Music to protect their artists. Soon, hashtags like LEAVE JUNGKOOK ALONE, RESPECT, JUNGKOOK, BIGHIT PROTECT JUNGKOOK, and ProtectJungkook started trending on Twitter.

“I wish jungkook would have really took some action already. No need to be so kind to anyone who can’t even respect his privacy. He must feel so uneasy and maybe even scared. Some of you really need to stop overstepping your f—ing boundaries,” wrote a fan.

Another tweeted, “This is actually getting out of hand in previous live jungkook told to respect his privacy and private time how he has to ask us to give him personal space now sending him food delivery literally on his address u all have lost humanity he is literally begging at this point.”

“jungkook is always so nice and polite and he always tried his best to not be rude about what he asks, but this is not a reason to pretend he doesn’t care. you’re not a fan if you can’t respect his privacy, and he shouldn’t have to ask for that. please respect him,” wrote another ARMY member.

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