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Britney Spears Opens About Her Conservatorship Years, and Her Post Has Secret Messages

Britney Spears had taken a small break from Instagram amid her pregnancy. Although, the Oops…I Did It Again! star did not reveal anything about her pregnancy, she has finally opened up about her conservatorship years in a long note on Instagram.

Britney is known to be sending secret messages to her fans through her social media account all these years. However, this time, it all makes sense. Guess what? The 40-years-old “Princess of Pop” has also revealed her marriage to Sam Asghari. Not just this, you can expect a book from her by the end of this year!

Revealing via Wendy

if you’re wondering who is Wendy, then let me tell you, Wendy is Britney’s cat. She just took to Instagram and revealed her secret message through her cat Wendy who was wrapped in her wedding veil. She captioned the post:

“Introducing Wendy 🐈 !!! It’s MEOW time boys and girls 😬 And yes, this is the veil to my wedding dress 👰🏼‍♀️ !!! So yea, it’s wedding bells for Britney and her Iranian fiance Sam Asghari. But, the post was more than this. Britney has finally revealed her secret regarding her conservatorship days and how she felt. 

A Disregarded Silent Treatment…

The One More Time artist started her note by writing, “Let’s talk about secrets. For most people when you ask what their secret ingredient is a disregarded silent treatment comes into play. Are secrets special??? Are secrets offensive??? We don’t like people tellings secrets behind our back in grade school…”
She added, “But I thought we were supposed to share!!?? Oh silly me. I will be honest I never spoke at all when I was younger. I think I was just shy because I can’t even stand in a room with people I don’t know, my anxiety is absolutely horrible. Or maybe, it was the way I was brought up… Meaning by tradition with adults you don’t speak to unless you’re spoken to.”
Britney wrote, “I was extremely respectful yes ma’am and no ma’am. I honestly think I was too polite maybe the reason I was taken advantage of most of my life… The not knowing what’s really going on with that person. The poise, the grace and the unknown…

Secrets are Paralysing…

Britney again moved to talk about secrets and wrote, “Either way I want to talk about secrets!!! The secrets I’d had to hold for the past 15 years I will say are honestly paralysing. Imagine being told your whole life to keep quiet.”
Britney revealed that she was a nun during her conservatorship. The prayer of silence that she endured would possibly offend people. She posed a question “Do you know how many times the people of conservatorship would come to speak to me whispering?” She answered by saying, “Uhhhh what’s the big fu***** secret here?” I want to be open, yet when I acted that way they looked at me like I was crazy, even during shows with hundreds of people underneath the stage, they would talk to me in a whisper.
Britney added, “I swear I wanted to scream. They always come to me in their conservatorship stuck up of importance in an official way.” She expressed that it felt like no one was standing around her. Britney had so many complaints that she wanted to share but was shut down by people. She stated that this is not something a woman with intellect is supposed to do. Makes sense right?

Britney was like a Quiet Nun…

Britney narrated her deepest feelings by saying, “Speak up, rise to the occasion, make people think. That’s why iI said before…100 percent I’d ripped off my womanhood in those years and that’s a long time!!!” She also revealed that she was disrespected by the people who pretended to support her. She said, “I literally wanted to raise hell.”
Birtney narrated how she failed to show those people her grit as a woman and let them know that they have ruined it for her. She said that she would sit over here in silence and keep her mouth shut like a quiet nun.
Britney hopes that she could be honest. It’s hard to narrate an old story that has been buried for a long time but now she speaks it all. Britney said that she still doesn’t understand how the state of LA could agree with what happened to her.
Britney Spears revealed that if she started questioning them, people’s response was cold. She was bombarded with several questions. She stated that the worst response was, “I am crazy.”

Britney Reveals the Biggest Secret!

Birtney Spears said that one of the hardest parts for her was the last two years before it ended. She confessed that she wanted to explode and show her a** to the world but she wisely created an image on Instagram that was the only window to the outside world showing that she was okay.

Now if you’re thinking about what that means, let me remind you. Last year, fans were speculating if it’s Britney who is behind her secret messages or if it’s her representative who wants to create that image of her. Well, here she is!

This incident related to her first public appearance in a long time before the Los Angeles Superior Court. She was asked to speak at length about her case. Britney presented a starkly different version of herself than who she appears to be online.

During the hearing, the “Baby One More Time” singer confessed to lying to the world when she previously said via her Instagram that she was “totally fine” and “extremely happy.” She said in the courtroom, “I’ve lied and told the whole world I’m OK and I’m happy,” she said. “I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized.”

The admission led many fans to believe that Spears had been sending secret messages to them all along. Now, here she is. Britney has revealed her secrets that remained buried for a long time. I am sure she feels lighter no matter what people think.

Coming back to her note, Britney revealed that she didn’t want to be interviewed until it was all over.  She said, “Can you imagine with my sister and her drama book and what had happened to me? How I literally wanted to blow the house down meaning explode!!!” 

Britney’s Book Comes out this Year…

Britney narrated how she had waited for this moment and it feels like a cruel joke. She also revealed that she had anger issues. She stated how people were offering her plenty of money to tell her story. She said, “all the documentaries were trash.” She was so angry that she wanted to spit in people’s faces.

Jokingly, Britney said, “shit maybe now I’d need a conservatorship?! I’m but shit fucking crazy Just Kidding!!!” Britney also revealed that she’s writing a book. She said “The easiest way possible and considering my fear of people I might have to write them off for the next decade!!! Sitting down and sharing my story might not be the safest thing for anyone!!!”

She revealed that her book comes out at the end of this year. She joked in the end by saying, “Once it’s released not sure what’s gonna happen, folks. Considering her story, I am sure it’s going to be a best seller.

Britney’s fans couldn’t hold back after she made her revelations. One fan wrote, “Scream and shout and let it all out.” Another fan wrote, “Brittttt 🔥🔥🔥. I can’t even imagine what you went through. A lot of healing needs to be done, but you started the process and for that, I am so proud of you. Can’t wait for you to tell your story. Love you ❤️”

Another fan encouraged Britney by saying, “Speak up Britney, who cares about being polite anymore, they were far from it!” Some fans couldn’t;t stop adoring her cat Wendy. One fan expressed how karma will hit those who hurt her all these years.

One fan congratulated her on her wedding dress saying, “Omg how exciting your dress is ready! When you post pictures you will break the internet.” A fan compared her upcoming book to the Bible. She wrote, “This book is gonna outsell the Bible babyyyy. Can’t wait.” Now, that’s big!

Throughout Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship, her social media has been a point of contention amongst die-hard fans. People thought that it was the pop star’s management team that controlled her Instagram account. However, last year, her social media manager, Cassie Petrey confirmed that she was the one who published all of her posts. But the mastermind behind them is Britney.

Britney has finally poured her heart out and she is as real as one can be. Alongside, she has also revealed her wedding veil so expect an official confirmation very soon. We hope that in the coming years, she gets what she truly deserves as she leaves behind this bitter past. Kudos to Britney! I can’t wait for her new book.

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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